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Community meeting & AGM September 2021

September 15, 2021 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Community Meeting & AGM


  Agenda Item Action
1 Welcome and Introductions

Emley Pine (Chair) welcomed everyone to the meeting.

Apologies: 6 residents (names removed), Annette Reid (LBH).

Emley explained that the TRA was officially formed 2 years ago, by AGM. No AGM was held last year due to the pandemic.

  Formal Kings Crescent Tenants & Residents Association AGM


17 Residents – names removed

(Non-residents):  Oliur Rahman (LBH), Sasha Khan (LBH), John Morris (Source Partnership), Nina (Hackney Showroom), Councillor Clare Potter

Approval of minutes from last AGM

The minutes were approved by AM and AH

Chair’s report (Emley Pine)

Emley gave a report of the past 2 years including the following points (see Chair’s report for more detail):

–        explained the origins of the committee, before transitioning to an official TRA in September 2019;

–        set out the objectives of the TRA;

–        set out the TRA’s achievements over the past 2 years, including design of a logo; holding of separate community meetings and ETRA meetings (8 in total per year); set up of bank account; phone for residents to contact; social media presence; ensured signs of community during lockdown; running family fun mornings; parties; crowdfunding campaign raising over £18,000 to fit out Unit C as a shared community space with Hackney Showroom (HS); homework club; continued liaison with Hackney Council (LBH) and other community organisations; attending training relevant to the TRA; taking over management of the allotments from LBH;

–        Acknowledged the community work done on the estate in the past, including by Vince Murrain, Jill Walker-Murrain, Patricia Sim, Roy Watkin, Peter Akhurst, Alison, Liz & Mukturam, Alfred Fiorentini, Edie & Alan, and Barbara & Bob Curtis, and said that the new TRA are building on their work;

–        Thanked all committee members for their contribution, including those who had stood down during the 2 years, or were standing down now.

Treasurer’s report (Alice H)

The accounts for 2020 have been signed off by LBH.

Current balance at end of 2020 was substantial (£15,470) but mainly ring-fenced for certain projects (including the Unit C spacehive money, and homework club money).

The Treasurer noted that the TRA and particularly Emley have worked very hard to obtain this funding.

As at the end of 2020 not all the funding for Spacehive had been received (though this has now).

Expenses were low in 2020 (mainly due to the pandemic) but this is expected to reverse in 2021 when outgoings will be higher.

As a new committee we are continuing to work on how we manage our financial processes well.

The accounts for 2020 were approved by the members of the TRA.

Election of TRA Committee members (chaired by Oliur)

Oliur congratulated the TRA on the work they had done since being formed.

The current members of the TRA stood down.

Nominations for the new committee were as follows (nominator and seconder in brackets):

–        Chair – Emley Pine (Emley, Jill)

–        Vice chair – Sarah H (Sarah, Alice)

–        Treasurer – Alice H (Jill, Emley)

–        Secretary – Ellie V (Emley, Jill)

–        Jenn F (safeguarding lead) (Emley, Andrew)


Other nominated members:

–        Jill WM (ward panel rep)

–        Tom S (gardening sub-committee)

–        Andrew M

–        Christine E

–        Patricia S

–        David B

–        Ashley M

–        Azucena A

–        Remi BM

–        Hana C

All of the above 15 people were voted for, and now form the new TRA committee.

AOB related to AGM

Emley proposed that there should be a gardening sub-committee.  Alice noted that we would need to be clear whether the sub-committee would manage their own finances – that would be decided afterwards.  John mentioned that the sub-committee would also need a process for decision-making and which decisions would need to be fed through to the main committee.  Oliur agreed his team could support the TRA in setting up the arrangements for the gardening committee.

The TRA voted to set up a gardening sub-committee.

Close of AGM

Emley officially closed the AGM.



















































Resident Participation team to work with the TRA on the sub-committee arrangements

2 Community meeting

Minutes of the last community meeting

The minutes were approved by Jill and Menekse.

Funding from the community development fund (CDF) from 2020/21 has now been spent on the Kings Feast party in September 2021.  Other funding was spent on the Disco Loco megazine, and £750 for an art project for kids will now be taking place in October half term.  £600 for gardening has been partially spent on equipment.  Further events are being planned to spend the remainder of the funding we received.

By the end of October the money from the 2020/21 CDF will therefore be used.  This means we can then apply for sums from the 2021/22 CDF.

The 2021/22 CDF is providing funding towards a film (£600) therefore there is still £2,400 to claim for this financial year.

3 Hackney Showroom Update (Nina Lyndon)  

Nina gave an update on the recent work of HS:

The magazine was delivered to children on the estate, and the remainder went to other local communities and schools.

HS has run some successful events.  The Young Actors training programme – 12 young actors have just graduated from the programmes – 2 have already been signed by agents and 3 have places at drama school.

Street Party was successful with live artists, play equipment for children.

37 children attended Future Heads summer camp – the theme was ‘protest’, involving art, poetry and drama as well as fun activities.


Free weekly activities have now begun – including a library for primary school age kids which is an asset for the community; easy rollers (pre school); lunch club for over 60s (though others are invited to come along!); a Turkish-speaking duty manager has been recruited who is here on Fridays; the Hackney Showroom space is now available to hire by residents

In October half-term: a theatre company will be sharing a new show that’s being developed; there will also be a ‘taste of Africa’ evening for former residents of African countries to share stories etc; African singing workshop


Next ‘Kings Feast’ communal meal (and possibly bingo) will be held 11 December.


FutureHeads club is now starting weekly on Saturdays 4-6pm (for 8 – 11 year olds).


4 Open Conversation  
  Emley sought ideas from residents.  The following were suggested:

–        Regular quiz night? This may attract a range of residents of different ages.

–        Kings Feast could potentially be a quarterly event

–        Classes – e.g. yoga, pilates, Zumba?

–        Singing class / choir

–        Language classes (e.g. Spanish lesson, or cultural event)

–        English / Turkish language exchange

–        ESOL classes (these were run previously by Hackney, paid for by Higgins as part of Phase 1, and well attended)

–        Youth activities (HS have some funding to some detached youth work for a period from January – and also 4 week ‘tasters’ of various activities).  HS suggested the TRA may be able to fund raise for these tasters (cost approx. £800)

–        Creative classes, such as art or creative writing.


Opportunities to celebrate the diverse cultures of residents of KC (King’s Feast could also do this).

Emley encouraged people at the meeting to seek feedback from other neighbours as to what events / activities they would like.  This is particularly important as the new contractor will soon be appointed and will be contributing significant community funding for the estate.

Oliur’s team will share opportunities for pots of funding external to the Council which we may be able to tap into.

CDF monies should be spent within the FY it is claimed for (and if it isn’t, it is difficult to claim from the subsequent year’s CDF).   Andrew noted that we should be applying for funding for the activities planned for the remainder of this FY (such as further Kings Feast events).

Oliur noted that he would be happy for the TRA to have the film crew money paid into our account. Oliur and Emley / Alice to discuss.



TRA to contact previous pilates instructor

Oliur to advise if there is any funding that might work for fitness classes

Oliur to contact LBH colleagues to explore ESOL classes



Oliur to share funding information.




TRA to discuss car park money with Oliur

5 Source Partnership Update by John Morris  
  The successful contractor will not be approved by LBH until November.

The Resident’s Steering Group is looking for more resident members.   It hasn’t been very active whilst the tendering process has been ongoing, but will become more active once the contract is awarded.   For example, the TRA could have some input into the design of the new community facility (Ron Greenwood has suggested this).


6 Any other business

Remi is running an event in Unit C to raise money for Cancer Research on 24th October (10 – 2) for everyone to attend.

Hackney are doing a communal walk-about on Friday to look for communal improvements which could be undertaken.  Anyone can join them.

Dates of next meetings & close

ETRA – 12th October 2021

Community – 7th December 2021



Previous information:

This community meeting hosted by the Tenants & Residents Association (TRA) committee aims to celebrate the community which already exists on Kings Crescent and look for ways to develop this further.

It’s a chance for residents to discuss what events and activities we have planned and what you want to have happening on Kings Crescent, plus a chance to meet your neighbours etc.


  • Updates from the TRA committee
  • Updates from Hackney Showroom, Source Partnership and Hackney’s Resident Participation Team
  • An opportunity to share your opinion and ideas

This meeting will start with the ‘Annual General Meeting’ (AGM) where the new resident’s group committee will be voted in. If you are interested in joining the committee please email KingsCrescentN4@gmail.com or call 07926568497

Click here to read the Chair and Finance reports in advance of the AGM

This meeting will take place in the newly fitted out Hackney Showroom space (Covid allowing). However, if you need to attend on Zoom we are hoping to have that option available too, please email KingsCrescentN4@gmail.com for the link.

Please note these community focused meetings take place in March, June, September and December each year.

There are separate meetings to discuss estate related issues (with Hackney representatives attending) in January, April, July, October.

Childcare will be provided at the meeting. Our lovely homework club volunteers will be on hand to supervise your children if you need to bring them along. We’ll have some colouring and craft activities available and cartoons to watch.

Refreshments provided too!



Kings Crescent Tenants & Residents Association

2021 AGM &

 Community Meeting Agenda

15 September 2021 7.00-8:30pm

Venue: Hackney Showroom space, 4 Murrain Road, N4 2BN

This meeting can also be accessed on Zoom if needed – email kingscrescentn4@gmail.com for the link

  Agenda Item


Suggested timing Lead
1 Welcome    
  Welcome & Introductions, including apologies for absence 5 mins Emley (TRA Chair)
2 Formal Kings Crescent Tenants & Residents Association AGM  
  a.      Approval of minutes from the last AGM (Sept 2019)

b.      Chair’s report (including overview of achievements since the TRA formed 2 years ago)

c.      Treasurer’s Report

d.      Election of New TRA Committee members

e.      Any other business related to AGM

f.       Close of AGM

30-40 mins (depending on questions) Emley (TRA Chair)


Treasurer for 2020 (Alice)

3 Community Meeting  
  ·        Approve minutes from last community meeting (June 2021)

·        Update on CDF spend so far and money available for community activities

5 mins TRA Chair
4 Hackney Showroom Update  
  Planned events and activities 15 mins Hackney Showroom
5 Open Conversation  
  Opportunity for residents to share ideas and suggestions for activities and events on Kings Crescent:

·        What have you enjoyed about previous events/activities?

·        What else would you like to see happening?

20-30mins Residents
6 Any other business 5 mins TRA Chair
7 Dates of next meetings & Events


5 mins TRA Chair

Please note that this meeting is focused on community. The next meeting for discussing estate related issues with Hackney is the ETRA meeting in October 2021.

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September 15, 2021
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
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