This page provides information on key contacts at Hackney if you have any issues to report, as well as giving updates about the next phase of regeneration.

Estate Issues

There are various Hackney departments involved in the management of Kings Crescent.


Contact details for Hackney departments & information for tenants, leaseholders and shared ownership properties:


There will be quarterly ‘Enhanced’ TRA meetings, which are are attended by Hackney representatives and are a place for residents to discuss estate concerns. These ETRA meetings happen in October, January, May and August.

To see dates of upcoming meetings and what was discussed in previous ETRA and other meetings you can find the minutes posted in the relevant event page.

Regeneration Updates

Kings Crescent is in the middle of a massive regneration. The Northside older blocks were refurbished and new blocks were completed in 2017 and we are now heading into phases 3 & 4.

The Southside blocks are due to be refurbished with new entrances, balconies etc, plus there will be another phase of building new blocks and a central communal space. The Southside blocks include Bramfield, Therfield, Datchworth and Weston Courts. You can see the latest updates here:

You can also join the ‘Kings Crescent Estate regeneration’ Facebook group to see updates from Hackney and Source Partnership.

Projected timeline for refurbishment of Southside blocks and building of new blocks:

  • Sign-off of the contract should happen in October 2021 after the tender process and the negotiation
  • The refurbishment works to the Southside blocks should start early/mid 2022 and complete early 2023
  • Entire project including the next new builds should be complete by Summer 2024

Please be aware this is a rough projection and timelines can slip! The photos below show an outline of the plans.


Above images are the architect’s designs for what Kings Crescent will look like after phases 3 & 4 are complete

  1. Computer generated future view from the top of Murrain Road (between Bramfield & Rushden Courts) looking down the play street towards Clissold Park
  2. Artist impression of the proposed Public Square from the Play Street with Theobalds Court in the background
  3. Computer generated future view into Kings Crescent from Clissold Park entrance opposite Sainsburys
  4. Artists impression of the completed work to Kings Crescent, birds-eye view of all of the blocks, refurbishment to Southside blocks and new public realm green spaces
  5. Model of phases 3&4, view from Queens Drive with new buildings in white
  6. Model of phases 3&4, view from Brownswood Road with new buildings in white

For further information on the proposed designs see:

Hackney’s Website:

Architects website:

You can also read the minutes of the Resident Steering Group (RSG) meetings posted within the events pages on this website