Gardening Events

We have an active community of gardeners on Kings Crescent, some with allotments and others growing flowers and plants on their balconies and windowsills!

We have been awarded some grant money from Hackney’s ‘Community Development Fund’ to host gardening related events and buy tools, seeds, soil etc. We intend to host a series of gardening events during the year with the first on 20th June.

To be informed of upcoming events please  complete this form to join our (e)mailing list:

Tools and seeds are now available for allotment holders to use in locker number 29. Please join the KC Allotment holders Facebook Group or email for the locker code.

Allotment Courtyard

The Kings Crescent Tenants & Residents Association (TRA) has taken over the management of the allotment plots in the central courtyard of the newer blocks. These were previously managed by Hackney New Build Team.

We have written to all of the current allotment plot holders to let them know about the change of management and also written to the holders of the plots that seem to be unused. We are now in the process of reallocating the unused plots to residents on the waiting list.

Hackney have just built an additional 8 plots in the courtyard which is great! Some plots will be retained by the TRA to use as community plots for events and activities to encourage residents to learn about growing seasons and get involved in gardening. Other plots will be allocated to the next on the waiting list.

To join the waiting list email

You can also join the Facebook group for ‘Kings Crescent Allotment Holders‘ if you have a plot or are interested in getting involved in the community plots.