Reports for upcoming AGM

The ‘Annual General Meeting’ for the Kings Crescent Tenants & Residents Association (KCTRA) will be taking place on 15 September 2021 7-8.30pm in the new Hackney Showroom space. This is an open meeting, all residents are welcome and encouraged to attend.

The agenda for the meeting and further information about the AGM and subsequent Community Meeting can be found in the event page

During the AGM the Chair will give a summary of the report shown below, the Treasurer will give a summary of the financial accounts for the year 2020, also shown below. Plus the new committee of residents will be elected.

Everyone living on Kings Crescent Estate is automatically a member of the TRA and entitled to vote.

Following the AGM we will have our quarterly Community Meeting where residents have a chance to hear upcoming plans for events and activities and share their thoughts and ideas for what they would like to see happening on Kings Crescent.

Chair's Report September 2021

Treasurer Accounts for 2020

Please note that the TRA follows a January to December financial year so the accounts reflect the financial year 2020 and only discusses the activities that took place during 2020. Activities that happened and money spent/recieved during 2021 will be reported in the AGM next year.

If you would like to recieve a copy of these reports and the meeting agenda by email please send a request to

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