Who’s who at the meetings…

The Ward Councillors

Kings Crescent is in the Brownswood Ward of Hackney and comprises almost 10,000 people, therefore Kings Crescent is a substantial part of the ward (around 24%) and certainly the most high density estate. More details about the ward can be found here: https://hackney.gov.uk/hackney-ward-profiles The ward is represent by two elected councillors:

Councillor Brian Bell who also Chairs the Regeneration Steering Group

Councillor Clare Potter

Both Councillors are very active in the area and always happy to stop for a chat.

A more formal way of seeking advice or support from them is via their surgeries held on a rota basis, however these have not been running due to Covid resrictions.

Contact your Councillors at: Brian.bell@hackney.gov.uk and Clare.potter@hackney.gov.uk
or call member services on 0208 356 3373

The Council’s Regeneration Team

Ron Greenwood (Project Manager Hackney Council) has overall responsibility for delivering the final stage of the Master Plan ensuring that the numb er of homes promised are delivered and that the quality is high.

Bronwen Thomas (Project Manager Hackney Council) supports Ron is the delivery of the Project and oversees resident consultation bronwen.thomas@hackney.gov.uk

William Owen (Project Officer) supports Ron and Bronwen with planning the next phase of regeneration.


The Council’s New Build

This department was the main contact for any issues with the newer blocks built during plase 1&2 of the regeneration project.  This team is now phasing out.

Contact email: NewBuild@hackney.gov.uk

Donna Bryce (Head of Resident Safety & New Build) continues to attend ETRA meetings and supports the regeneration team with ongoing issues in the newer blocks.

The Council’s Housing Team

Annette Reid is the Estate Manager and is responsible for tenancy management, estate walkabouts

Oliur Rahman is the Resident Participation Manager who is responsible for supporting resident led activities


The Design Team

The Design Team is a consortium of leading architects who designed the overall Master Plan which was approved in 2013 and the detailed design of the Northside refurbishment and new blocks. In 2017 the same team was appointed to review the Master Plan and carry out detailed design of Southside refurbishment and new blocks. This work will culminate in a Planning Application at the end of 2018 to set out the design for finishing

Ed Blackmore (Karakusevic Carson Architects) Design Lead

Rachael Barker (Karakusevic Carson Architects) Project Architect

Dan Marmot (HHB Architects) Project Architect

Caitlin Elster (MuF Architecture) Landscape Architect

Mark Lemanski (MuF Architecture) Landscape Architect

Independent Tenants and Leaseholder Advisor (ITLA)

Source Partnership was appointed by the Steering Group in January 2016 to provide independent and impartial advice and support to tenants and leaseholders affected by the regeneration on the Kings Crescent Estate. They have an even longer relationship with residents having worked on tenant management options and with the previous ITLA dating back to 1998. The team are available on site in the Community Centre at least two days every week (currently Tuesday mornings and Thursday afternoon / early evening)

Carol Squires is the lead advisor and has worked at Kings Crescent estate since the days of the tenant management organisation. She is responsible for ensuring residents undertstand proposals

John Morris is the associate advisor and leads on community facilties and the supported residents . group

Menekse Saitoglu is a local resident employed by Source Partnership to ensure that members of Turkish and Kurdish community understand proposals and have the chance to ask questions in their own language

Other members of Source Partnership’s team are drafted in for larger consultation events to ensure every resident gets the chance to understand and comment upon proposals. Where necessary we use professional interpreters to explain issues.

Kings Crescent Website

David Stark (resident) built and hosts this website. Emley Pine (resident) manages the content but relies on David for tech support! Any help welcome.