Community Safety Update

Bianca Rembrandt is not able to attend the ETRA meeting tomorrow so has kindly provided a written update. The following message from Bianca outlines her Action Plan as well as progress made so far on the specific points.

Deborah Noel from Hackney Housing ASB team will be attending the meeting tomorrow so can answer any further questions there. Alternatively you can contact Bianca for further information (details below).

Action Plan: 
  • Objectives on the action plan are still being progressed with good results as ASB/Crime reports have significantly diminished and  I have received reports that residents feel safer on the estate.  I believe there was a news article of the work that has been carried out  to date on the estate.
  • Extending the  closure orders was a priority on the action plan and this has now been  extended to 19th November 2020.
  • CCTV improvement programme has started and new cameras have been put up  and improved in key areas on the estate. 
  • Security of the doors:  It was agreed that Gerda panels would be installed to prevent the fire control panel being abused by unwelcome visitors – I believe  these panels have not yet been installed and the  New Build Team are progressing this.
  • Making Kings Crescent Estate a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme 
Neighbourhood Watch (NW)
My objectives for NW for Kings Crescent Estate: 
  • Set up NW to enhance community safety and protect the reputation of the estate from ASB, crime and disorder  and Increase/enhance the reporting of crime
  • Put signage up – sending a clear message to unwelcome visitors and inconsiderate residents/neighbours  engaged in ASB, crime and disorder that these behaviours will not be tolerated. 
  • To obtain representation in all the courts/blocks on the whole estate  There are five courts still outstanding and Source Partnerships have agreed to assist with recruiting those members. 
  • Flow of community safety advice and information to residents via membership subscription and newsletter.
Community Safety and ASB Contacts:
As matters progress it is important that residents know how the Council’s Community Safety and Enforcement Team  work in partnership with  Hackney Housing and  knowing each others our roles and responsibilities:   It would be good to invite  Hackney Housing officers to future meetings so they can elaborate more on their role.   To give you a snapshot see below:
My Role as  Community Safety and Principal Enforcement Officer 
I would look at wider community safety concerns that impact residents on Kings crescent estate  such systemic ASB and Disorder ( including  crime, but this is more a remit for the police but the council would work with them to address those concerns).   I have a different set of tools and powers not available to Hackney Housing such as pursuing Closure Orders,  serving Abatement Notices for noise and issuing Community Protection Warnings and Notices and coordinating other actions  needed to address problems on the estate.   
Hackney Housing:
Deborah Noel is the ASB Manager for the North  of Hackney and reports to her and her team can be made via and Ms Noel will allocate cases to her team of ASB officers.
Paul Thompson, ASB officer for Hackney Housing  has been an officer I have worked with in regard to Kings Crescent estate and specific addresses, however other officers may be allocated cases too. 

Bianca Rembrandt

Community Safety and Principal Enforcement Officer (Brownswood and  Dalston Wards)

Enforcement and Business Regulation ¦ Hackney Borough

London Borough of Hackney

1 Hillman Street

E8 1DY


tel: 020 8356 4294

mb: 07855 075074

fax : 020 8356 2241

Report ASB: 0208 356 3310

If you would like to attend the ETRA meeting tommorrow at 7pm please email and we will send you a link. More details in the event page.

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