April 2020

Hi everyone,

I hope you are all safe and well.
The past few weeks have been a pretty crazy shift away from ‘normal life’. However,
as we all start to adjust to the ‘new normal’ I thought I would update you with
some things we have to look forward to once the lockdown is over.

Unit C Update

Prior to Covid-19 the TRA (residents
group) committee had been in conversation with Hackney’s Regeneration Team and
Hackney Showroom (who are leasing Unit C) regarding how we, as residents, can
use Unit C as a community space. Hackney’s Regeneration team have agreed to
fund and facilitate a redesign of the unit into two usable spaces, with
a communal area for both spaces to access the facilities. Having two usable
spaces will allow Hackney Showroom to be able to continue to run their charity without
interruption (such as doing rehearsals), while at the same time we can run
activities for residents. This construction work was due to take place in June but
now depends on Covid-19 restrictions.

Crowdfunding deadline

You may recall we launched a
Crowdfunding page in January to raise the money needed to fit out the space in
Unit C to make it more suitable for community activities. We raised a good
amount of money initially through local residents and contacts, which was a great
way to know that there is wider support for the project. We then got an incredible
£12,000 pledge from the Mayor of London
! Unfortunately, this news was
quickly overshadowed by Covid-19 hitting London. However, we are still hoping
to raise the last bit of money we need to create a fantastic community space
for us to enjoy once the lockdown is over.

We still have to reach our target
amount before 25th May in order to release the funding. The total
amount we need to raise has dropped a bit because there are no fees connected
to the large pledge from the Mayor. Also, the transaction fees were estimated
and turning out to be less than anticipated, which is a bonus! It looks like we
have around £1,000 left to raise! We have also allowed for overfunding,
as any additional money raised can be spent on things like plants and pictures
for the wall to make the space even nicer and possibly even some equipment for

Please see here for details and
pledge/share with contacts if you can: https://www.spacehive.com/kings-crescent-community-space


Although the deadline to raise
the funding is still in place, Spacehive and the Mayor’s team have relaxed
their expectations on when we must deliver the project due to the Covid-19

At this stage we do not know when
the all of the Unit C work will be allowed to take place, but we plan to be
ready to go as soon as we can (Covid-19 dependent). I was hoping we would have
the space ready for community use by September, but as the lockdown continues
this is looking less likely. I will keep you updated as time goes on and
as we find out more.

What do you want in the
community space?

Looking forward to when we can be
together again (physically) as a community we would love to know your thoughts
and ideas about ‘Unit C’ and living on Kings Crescent. What regular activities
would you like running in the new community space, do you have any skills to
contribute etc.  We want the new
community space to have something for all residents. Source Partnership are
doing a survey, please complete it to share your opinions and ideas
: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/YKTBZW6

Homework Club

Back in November we applied for
Hackney Small Grant funding to run a homework club and I am pleased to announce
that we have been awarded the grant!!! This will run once per week and
be a space for kids to have a healthy snack after school, do some activity to
burn off any excess energy, have some quiet time to do homework (with DBS
checked adult volunteers to support), and end with some time to relax with
friends. We will also buy some laptops and resources for the kids to use. I am
hoping that we will be able to start this in September (Covid-19 dependent).


In the meantime, please do reach
out if you need support during this time of self-isolation. We are part of the Brownswood
Mutual Aid group
, you can see their website for more information if you
need help with shopping, someone to talk to etc: https://www.brownswoodmutualaid.org.uk/

There are links to information
and further resources on our website also: https://kingscrescent.org/coronavirus/

You can contact the TRA
by email KingsCrescentN4@gmail.com,
phone:  07926568497 or via social media

In the news!

Kings Crescent and the TRA were
recently featured in Quartz in piece that was discussing how communities
have come together to support one another during Covid-19. https://qz.com/1834247/coronavirus-reminds-us-what-functioning-communities-look-like/

TRA committee

If you are interested in joining
the committee, please get in touch!


Please see the website for news updates
and the minutes of previous meetings etc.

Stay safe everyone and I look
forward to seeing you all again for lots of community parties once this is all

With best wishes

Emley & the TRA committee

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