Exciting news!

Hackney are building 8 additional plots in the courtyard where the allotment plots are.

 (They are building them today so appologies to those in the surrounding blocks for the wood cutting noise.)

The TRA has recently taken over management of the allotments so we will be reallocating the unused plots as well as the new plots to those who have been on the waiting list for a long time. In addition we will keep a few community plots to use for gardening events and to create a communal herb garden.

We have been awarded £600 of Hackney’s ‘Community Development fund’ to spend on gardening related equipment and events. We have just bought some seeds, tools and compost and planning to have an informal ‘seed swap’ event on Sunday 20th June from 11.30am. Come along to the allotment courtyard to meet fellow gardeners, discuss gardening tips, and take some seeds to plant – either in your allotment plot or in pots to take home and grow!

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