Feedback from Steering Group (03/09/2019)

These were notes taken by EP during the meeting. Full minutes will be published at a later date. Feedback from Hackney representative Ron Greenwood.

  • Source Partnership have been appointed again to continue to support residents in their capacity as independent advisors
  • Planning: The designs for the next phases of development on Kings Crescent are on track to be reviewed by the planning committee on 2nd Steering committee members will be assisting with contractor procurement next by helping to evaluate tenders.
  • Film crews renting hoarded area: Stricter rules for film crews in place to reduce noise following some complaints. Apparently the first crew had a faulty generator so was unusually loud. Residents in closest blocks agreed more recent crews have been quieter. However, due to the new rule of no catering vehicles on site before 5am there are no bookings for September. The residents group has so far earned £3500 from their proportion of this rental income in August (plus the same again to go towards running the new community facilities). Therefore, it was decided to allow catering vehicles on site from 5am on condition that crews are quiet and respectful of sleeping residents.
  • Open House: Kings Crescent will be taking part in the ‘Open House’ weekend on 21 September. Will involve some organised tours around parts of the estate. Residents welcome to join in. Will be more information coming. Ron thanked the community for being so tolerant of the many groups of visitors they have shown around already.
  • Unit C update: A theatre group will be using unit C for rehearsals over the next few weeks. They are happy to support the ‘Big Lunch’ community street party event (28 Sept) by ensuring the until is cleaned and providing tables and chairs for us to use. It is still on track to become a managed community centre from Oct/Nov, still waiting to hear who management company will be.
  • Bike shed break-ins – Ron was not aware of the second recent break-in with more bikes being stolen. Residents & local councillor pushed for action to be taken to review how these happened and see if better security can be put in place.
  • Bollard accidents: At least 5 vehicles have driven onto and got stuck on the bell bollard on the corner of Murrain & Casbeard Streets, usually when turning around. Ron made aware.
  • Outstanding defects in New Build:
    • Ongoing issues with doors. Ron made aware of further current issue with broken door. Still awaiting outcome from Higgins.
    • Algae/mould in courtyards – Higgins still investigating treatment & low cost maintenance options. Supplier of bricks has been challenged regarding quality. Hackney doing independent investigation. Ongoing. Requested temporary warning signs/measures be put in place to prevent people slipping until the issue is resolved. Ron to look into this.
    • Ron made aware of faulty smoke vents/warning lights in Wallington
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