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Steering Group Nov 2021

November 17, 2021 @ 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

This is a closed meeting for those who have applied to be part of the residents steering group. It is mandatory to have attended the steering group training provided by Source Partnership. The steering group comprises of residents from both the old and new blocks and provides resident input into the next stage of new build and refurbishment of Kings Crescent.

For further information on joining the ‘Resident Steering Group’ please email john@sourcepartnership.com or carol@sourcepartnership.com


Notes of Kings Crescent Steering Group Meeting

held on 17th November 2021 via Google Meet


Those Present: Cllr. Brian Bell (BB) (Chair)

Cllr Clare Potter (CP)

6 residents (names removed for public version)

In Attendance: Ron Greenwood (RG)

William Owen (WO)

Carol Squires (CS)

John Morris (JM)

Menekse Saitoglu


LB Hackney

LB Hackney

Source Partnership (ITLA)

Source Partnership (ITLA)

Source Partnership (ITLA)


1.0 Introductions and apologies Action



No apologies were received.




2.0 Notes of previous meeting held 22nd September and any Matters Arising not elsewhere on the agenda  



One correction was noted from 5.1. The minute should have read: ‘MUF to be invited to a meeting specific to the design intent for the landscaping and play facilities.’ Subsequent to the September meeting, MUF have met with WO and colleagues on site.


3.0 Phase 3&4 update   



Indicative timetable for contractor selection

RG thanked all for participating in the selection process and for their patience during such a long procurement period. A preferred bidder has now been identified and approved at the internal approval panel, the Gateway that comprises all relevant senior managers. Tender levels were approved and risks (e.g. sales element, future management and maintenance commitments) all noted. The Cabinet Procurement and Insourcing Committee (CPIC) will consider the recommendation on 6/12. The report will be publicly available on 26/11 but with the identity of the recommended contractor and commercially sensitive information in a confidential section. The publicly accessible section of the report will include descriptions of the S20 process, design changes, risks considered, sustainability and how the tenders were evaluated and scored. It will be possible to watch the CPIC meeting on 6/12, in person or via livestream but the public parts will be short, with discussion about the confidential parts of the report exempt from public viewing. Questions can be submitted to the meeting from members of the public but because of the notice needed, they will need to be submitted at the same time as the report becomes public. However, in exceptional circumstance, the Chair may allow a late submission for consideration.  If approved, the Council’s Chief Executive will have delegated authority to enter into a contract with the successful bidder, subject to the S20 process.







S20 process

RG reported that the aim is to issue Stage 2 Notices on 10/1/22 with the statutory consultation period ending on 11/2/22. Surgeries for leaseholders will be set up in the 3rd or 4th week of January. The Q&A section from Stage 1 will be amended, with a likely change being the  timing of the start of the 5 year discount period to a date, to be decided, that will be the agreed start on site date for the refurbishment works rather than the practical completion dates of the different blocks. The aim is to respond to all leaseholder observations will be by the end of February so that contracts can be signed in March.


EP asked if any more information will be given to leaseholders before January. RG replied that all information will go into the Stage 2 Notice and accompanying letter and FAQs in January, so, no.


EP – many leaseholders are still very unhappy and it seems their ability to influence further decisions will now be taken away because the CPIC will have approved the appointment of the tenderer and the costs by the time of the Stage 2 Notice. RG replied that the recommendation to cabinet is subject to completion of the S20 process and there will be due regard paid to submissions as part of this process. BB added that objections would have to be quite fundamental and valid to change the approach. RG emphasised the amount of time and effort that has gone into making sure the quality and price of the contractors’ tenders has met very tight criteria. He also confirmed that the whole package of works, refurbishment and new build will be let as one contract and has been the subject of one planning permission, although acknowledges that they form two different elements.


EP is still concerned about the huge financial impact on non-resident leaseholders. BB felt that this has been answered at length and that leaseholders who rent out their properties have made this decision to become landlords and it is reasonable for them to not qualify for the discount. CP reiterated this point. RG added that individual leaseholders will be able to talk to the Leasehold Team about personal circumstances and cases of financial hardship will be considered.









Indicative timescales and other issues with phase 3&4

RG noted that after contract signing, mobilisation works will include surveys to ascertain presence of asbestos, underground obstructions and issues around drainage of the site. Other activities will include planning submissions for the design changes and site set up including erection of hoardings, site facilities etc.  Preparatory works could include strip out of Weston garages.


There will also be initial events organised by the contractor around their construction management plan, communications, resident liaison, attendance at RSG, workshops on lessons learnt from phase 1&2, investigation on connecting up to the existing CHP, drainage, decommissioning of the current community centre and support for community activities. BB emphasised that the drainage under and around Weston Court is a key issue that he has expressed concern about.


Party Wall Notices 

WO is leading on this. Potentially at the same time as the Section 20 consultation, Party Wall Notices will be sent to all leaseholders so that where works take place, e.g. construction of balconies, that will affect the existing building structure, there are surveyors appointed to ensure that the previous condition is reinstated.  Notices will go out before contracts are signed so there is time for the process to be conducted properly. EP asked if leaseholders will have to pay if they wish to appoint their own surveyor. WO – no, but surveyors will need to be approved by LBH and need to be RICS certified.


Fire safety and cladding

KH raised the issue of phase 1&2 new blocks no longer being compliant with current fire safety regulations. He was concerned about his own and neighbours’ circumstances but also asked how LBH will address this for phase 3&4. RG replied that this is one reason why the tender process was prolonged; this formed an extra section that tenderers had to address in the Best and Final Offer. The contractor will be obliged to provide EWS1 forms. LBH has made every effort to anticipate as best they can what fire regs. will be in the future, and ensure full compliance. Another element of the tender process was the implementation of a record of building components for the new blocks for reference if issues arise in the future.  Building materials will be different from those used in phase 1&2 but LBH can only comply with whatever legislation is in place at the time of construction.


KH emphasised that leaseholders are trapped with many mortgage providers now not lending because of the materials used in the phase 1&2 construction. RG acknowledged this as a nationwide problem. KH asked what plans LBH have to remediate the situation. AA added that information is produced in plenty of time, so LBH must have had notice that an approach to this problem was needed.  BB and CP offered to take up this issue as Councillors.


4.0 Feedback from Community Centre Working Group  
4.1 The working group met this morning (17th November) and consisted of Emley, Andrew Mitchelson, Remi Murrain, RG, WO and JM. Good progress was made with a discussion about possible uses and management of the new CC and consequently, what sort of fit out will be needed. It will be important that the group can meet the contractor asap for early discussions.  A wider resident consultation will take place in January with an update at the next RSG.  





5.0 TRA update  


EP reported that the family fun mornings are still happening monthly. The half term art project was successful. BB noted that the contractor’s hoardings will need artwork. CP suggested making sure that Andrew Mitchelson is involved in this.

Chama, Hackney Showroom’s Engagement worker has started monthly drop ins on the first Thursday of each month for anyone to visit HS with ideas, to volunteer or just to find out what HS are doing.

The TRA meeting scheduled for 7th December will be preceded by a winter market and the meeting itself will be informal to encourage people to get involved.

Hackney Showroom are organising another Kings Feast on 11th December with family entertainment between 5 and 7 pm, then adults 7 to 9 pm.

BB noted that Annette Reid, KC Housing Officer is off on sick leave. Her manager, Andrea Scott is providing an ad hoc management service with existing resources.










6.0 ITLA update  


CS gave an update. Source Partnership’s contract is currently on an extension. Source are keen to get back working on site and we will be discussing with Hackney Showroom possibly using their facilities once the Vince Murrain Centre is decommissioned. There is Source equipment and furniture in the VM Centre which can be recycled for use elsewhere within KC.


We are working with Chama (HS) to introduce him to vulnerable and/or elderly residents who might be interested in the Friday lunch club or might benefit from some support for e.g. shopping or just more regular contact.

7.0 Any urgent business   


KH wished to voice dissatisfaction about the continued repair issues in the northside blocks. Lifts were out of order again at Wallington Court and bike thieves are at work again. Video evidence of the latter was sent to LBH but with no response.


WO gave advice to use the repairs email box and the webchat function to report repairs. He added that it is best to not email several LBH officers at once as this results in no one taking responsibility to respond; it’s sometimes unclear who’s job it is to reply in these instances.


EP noted that there are still many phase 1&2 issues unresolved.  Service Charges are now the big issue with many leaseholders experiencing significant increases. Leaseholders have asked for another meeting with Judith Morrison but so far she has not responded. BB offered to help contact her.
















AA asked if the cyber attack had compromised residents’ personal data. BB stated that the main problem was not so much the leakage of data, rather that the attack rendered older computer systems useless. CP reported that a minor breach of data did occur and people affected have been contacted.  CP added that the attack had been a serious issue for some services e.g. children’s services and officers have spent considerable time resolving these.  There is information on the LBH website and an email to contact if further follow up is required.  


JM offered apologies to Federica (residemt) who joined this meeting for the first time and who wasn’t introduced at the start of the meeting.  
8.0 Date of next meeting  


27th January 2022, 7.00.  
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November 17, 2021
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
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