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Steering group meeting May 2021

May 26, 2021 @ 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

This is a closed meeting for those who have applied to be part of the residents steering group. It is mandatory to have attended the steering group training provided by Source Partnership. The steering group comprises of residents from both the old and new blocks and provides resident input into the next stage of new build and refurbishment of Kings Crescent.

For further information on joining the ‘Resident Steering Group’ please email john@sourcepartnership.com or carol@sourcepartnership.com


Notes of Kings Crescent Steering Group Meeting

held on 26th May 2021 via Google Meet


Those Present: Cllr. Brian Bell (BB) (Chair)

Cllr Clare Potter (CP)

5 residents:




(residents names removed for public version)

In Attendance: Ron Greenwood (RG)

William Owen (WO)

Carol Squires (CS)

John Morris (JM)

LB Hackney

LB Hackney

Source Partnership (ITLA)

Source Partnership (ITLA)

1.0 Introductions and apologies Action


Apologies were received from residents JG, PS, NJ, TD and AF.

BB asked it to be noted that he would call on Peter Sim and Alfred as they have been unable to attend any meetings since they started to take place remotely.



2.0 Notes of previous meeting held 31st March 2021 and any Matters Arising not elsewhere on the agenda  
2.1 The minutes from the last meeting were agreed as accurate. All matters arising to be discussed on the agenda.  
3.0 Phase 3 & 4  


Update on progress with contractor procurement – RG

Week 4 of negotiations has now started with the 2 remaining tenderers. One tenderer dropped out as they were realistic about their likely inability to meet the budget target. The 2 tenderers are very keen to win the work and have devoted a lot of resources to achieve a deliverable programme within budget. Both MDs have been involved, demonstrating commitment from senior managers within the organisations.

RG expects another two rounds of negotiations before a Best & Final Offer in early July; the whole period of negotiation will have taken approx. 8-9 weeks. One challenge the tenderers are facing at the moment is getting commitments from pre-cast concrete suppliers at the necessary price and scale. This illustrates the issue of achieving savings while retaining the integrity of the design. LBH are also looking at alternative specs for the new build in the areas of structural engineering and M&E, so alternative specs for lifts, lighting etc.

Scheduled for the selection of a contractor in July, with internal approvals (including Cabinet) in September. The 2nd stage of the S20 process would be due to complete at the end of August, with stage 3 completing at the end of October. Contracts would be signed in mid November with start on site March 2022.

BB asked which contractor dropped out. RG informed the meeting that it was United Living.



Site visits


These have been proposed in order for the tenderers to provide some exemplar projects for RSG members and LBH to visit. [One potential contractor] have offered a visit to Thamesmead to illustrate a project that is completed and one on site. [The landlord] are welcoming the opportunity too. RG acknowledged the distance away from Kings Crescent and will talk to [contractor] about other possible options. [Another contractor] have offered sites in Enfield and Lewisham. JM reported that dates being proposed are in w/c 7th June but week day visits are a problem for some residents.  BB suggested looking at Saturdays 12th or 26th. He would prefer the same group to be at all visits for consistent comparison. JWM asked if a photographic or video record of the visits could be taken for those who can’t make the dates. RG agreed.












Feedback from tenderers’ meetings with TRA and Hackney Showroom

RG thanked Emley, Nina and Sam from Hackney Showroom and JM for participating in the ‘added value’ meetings with the contractors. EP felt that both were very open to hearing about what the TRA and HS are planning and seemed responsive to helping meet their aspirations if successful. EP also emphasised the point she made about wishing for early community involvement in fitting out the new community space to be built as part of the new development.

4.0 Unit C update  


WO gave feedback on the new timescales for the fit out. The building contract has been signed off following resolution of a few queries from London Fire Brigade. Contract will be signed tomorrow (27th May). Start on site scheduled for 7th June with estimated completion in 6 weeks. Building Control will need to sign off at the end of the process. Overall completion now likely to be end July/beginning August.  





5.0 Phase 1&2 update    


WO gave feedback on the Post Occupancy Evaluation survey. He noted that there were more responses than expected and they were well thought through and articulate. The single biggest group of responses came from shared ownership properties. There was a wide spread of scores by block and by tenure and the message was similar across all. Highlights of the responses included:

·    heating and plumbing issues were a common cause of concern

·    winter gardens and balconies were generally welcomed

·    problems with front doors and bike sheds were also highlighted. (CCTV in bike sheds is due to be installed very soon).

·    in terms of services, repairs received the lowest scores (both for speed of completion and confusion over who to contact)

·    increases in energy costs a major concern (the Energy Team in LBH are investigating this)

Actions include:

·    the problem with the lifts has been identified as overheating in a key part of the mechanism; ventilation measures are being investigated.

·    new door handles have been fitted to Kimpton and Sandon

WO felt that although many of the issues are not new to officers, it has been useful to convey to colleagues in other departments the concerns expressed by residents. BB concurred that the exercise has been helpful and it proves that the issues are widespread – not just a few people complaining loudly.

KH asked if LBH are looking at lift issues in all the blocks. WO replied that the assumption now is that the problems experienced in Kimpton and Sandon are common to all blocks. The mitigation measure of installing some extra ventilation is now about identifying where this should be – in the control panel, in the lobby area?

KH added that the lifts are very noisy and he is surprised that these modern lifts do make so much noise. WO explained that the plan is to solve the overheating problem, isolate that as an issue then look at other factors.

EP expressed concern at the number of people still reporting that the emergency button is not working and are still getting stuck in the lift. It is frustrating that experts apparently confirm that the lifts are ok while residents know there are still problems.

KH mentioned that although signs in lifts say not to call the Fire Brigade in case of emergency, if the lift engineer is e.g. 2 hours away, people will call the FB.

6.0 TRA update  


EP reported on recent meetings. There has been an ETRA meeting since the last RSG. One outcome was a promised separate meeting with Leasehold Services.  BB agreed to help chase the leasehold section for a further meeting.

Another major issue that arose was the ongoing concerns over electric meters overcharging. RG stated that problems are made complex by the need to bring together so many departments within the Council. Regen is not necessarily the best team to resolve these. BB acknowledged the time it takes to resolve problems.

There is a community activity-oriented TRA meeting on 10th June and an AGM in September. New committee members would be very welcome.










7.0 ITLA update  


CS reported back. Source had hoped to be able to be back on site; Community Halls Team were slow to respond to our Risk Assessment and request to be allowed back into the Vince Murrain CC office.  BB to take this up with Community Halls.

CP asked if the capping off of the sewer pipe was still a problem. JWM said she saw someone around the rear of the centre, so they could have been fixing this. WO to investigate if this work has been carried out.






8.0 Any urgent business  
 8.1 None  
9.0 Date of next meeting  


27th July 2021, 7.00. We will seek advice nearer the date if it will be possible to meet in person.

EP asked if the Stage 2 S20 Notices will have gone out by the time of the next meeting. RG replied that, technically on current timescales, yes but cannot be guaranteed. In any event there will be an update on the process at the meeting.



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May 26, 2021
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
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