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September Residents Group Meeting

September 13, 2018 @ 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm


  1. Annual General meeting
  2. Kings Crescent Website
  3. Resident Campaigns
  4. Social Activities / Funding / Grants


Meeting Summary:

This meeting had a great turnout with over 20 residents in attendance along with Cllr Clare Potter – Brownswood Ward Councillor and Hackney Speaker, John Morris – Source Partnership, and Oliur Rahman – Hackney housing Resident Participation Manager.


What the group is

Oliur explained the purpose of the group is to raise issues/concerns/problems, with a member of the housing team here to support us. The meeting is for us as a community with support in how to solve issues. It has been running for a year.



The plan was to hold an ‘Annual General Meeting’ today to elect a new chair and leadership committee. The aim of the committee is to hold smaller meetings between the main residents’ meetings to work on issues, run campaigns, lobby council etc. Roy is stepping down as chair to allow others to fill role. Oliur and residents agreed that Roy has done a great job and built momentum in getting the group to where it is now. There was a concern that since this meeting was many resident’s first time, it may be a bit to soon to expect to elect a new committee. Oliur proposed that he would be willing to chair the meetings in the interim until the group is ready to form a committee and elect a chair. This was agreed to by the residents in attendance.

(Correction: 30/11/18 – After writing these minutes I spoke to Roy and he said that he was not intending to step down from the committee. He was happy to remain as chair if needed, but was open to another resident taking the helm if there was someone willing to take it on. Either way he would like to remain on the committee. EP)

Estate Initiatives

Oliur introduced the idea of projects for the estate on behalf of the council.

  • Wheely Tots: Hackney have tried Wheely Tots at events in the past. David Pitcher attended the meeting to introduce Wheely Tots and the plan to host children’s bike events on Kings Crescent. Wheely Tots will be running cycling sessions for 2 to 4-year olds on Wednesday mornings from next week, 9.30-11.30am. This will be a 6-week trial to see how popular it is. They will bring lots of balance bikes for children to try. The sessions are free but donations welcome. Look out for leaflets or see their website http://wheelytots.com/about/ The team can also run sessions for older children and families providing advice on bike mechanics and cycling for all age children and adults. Can look to do after school and/or weekend sessions at a later date if there is a desire for it. To get in touch with Wheely Tots with questions or suggestions email info@wheelytots.com
  • Zumba and yoga should be starting in October. We will be notified. Again, this will be a trial basis for 6 weeks to see how popular it is. It will be council funded and held in the community centre.


Issues to raise

  • Need more space for secure, indoor bike provision. Oliur said there could be an option for close lids bike shelters but would be a service charge. Roy had experience with ones on street: anyone can use, about £30 per year, get a key to use it. Secure to padlock it inside. Is bolted to the floor. Could speak to regeneration colleagues to see how it fits in.
  • No parking available on the estate now, this is an issue for the older residents who rely on carers or family bringing shopping etc. Hackney wide initiative trying to reduce cars in the borough. Cllr Potter mentioned there has been abuse of visitor parking, change of policy to try to try to manage it. All new builds are now car free, but it is having a knock-on effect on the existing residents. Parking will get worse during next build phase. Can still get visitor vouchers for side streets/Queens Drive. Cllr Potter mentioned that Hackney are trying to manage the situation fairly, but she will take those concerns back to Hackney.


Feedback from last meeting (Oliur):

  • Concerns about changes and increases to service charges. Final bill coming in October, for some this will be the first service charge bill. Council will hold some surgeries to discuss this with individuals. The original estimates were based on 2014/15 actuals when road and estate cleaning was separate but now together, big change.
  • Cleaning – asked new build teams to see how can be reduced. One option team suggests is to have allocated cleaners. Currently new blocks have 4 full time posts equivalent cleaners but suggestion to reduce to 3 posts. Reactive cleaning won’t take place straight away – just on the scheduled days that week. Unless it’s a health and safety issue, then still within 24hrs. Letter will come out about this. Pay attention from 1st oct to see if happy with the change. Not sure how often the scheduled cleaning is.
  • Pigeon issue on the estate. Has been a few issues on what can be done, lots of discussion on this. Consultation and different options will go out to all the estate. Look out for that. It did stop for a while, but now lots of people have moved in and some people feed them!!! Suggested to put warning in the next newsletter. Apparently, it is on the lease that residents are not supposed to feed them.
  • Traffic calming issues – will be more coming in October, painting to the play street. Need more humps, bollards etc. Lots of motorbikes still going through the play area. Bells barriers planned. Children event did some plans. Change the colour will change the perception. Will be more markings and yellow lines taken off.



All estates have a community development fund they can use. This summer residents used some of this to fund trip to Broadstairs. This was advertised at the community event. Was some miscommunication about how it was paid for. Council paid for it, not from service charge. Patricia commented that they had a wonderful time! A few of the older residents who have been living on the estate for 50 years mentioned they used to go to seaside a lot!

There is still some money left in the pot (£800-£1000 available) Suggestion to do something in winter. Oliur is compiling email list to inform residents. Ideas…Christmas party, trip to see a pantomime, party to combat winter blues at end Jan when it’s miserable, winter BBQ with, gazebos, mulled wine etc. Bring something to contribute to a party makes it nicer.


Social Events

Next coffee afternoon 2-4pm 27 Sept

Hope to have more regular events again, the older residents commented that it would be good to do more like they used to have in the previous hall.



Ideally need 4-5 people to get things moving in between the main meetings (can use hall for free for meetings if needed). Lots of new faces today so all decided it is best not to rush into forming an official committee now. Oliur is happy to keep chairing for now. He can have separate conversations with anyone interested in getting involved.

John asked if anyone would be interested in forming an interim group to get things going. Only Emley and David put up their hands to offer to be involved, but others later said they could help too.


New Website

David S and Emley P have built a new website to help keep residents informed and encourage community, see: kingscrescent.org

Oliur mentioned there is also another website potential on the Hackney site.


Any other issues

Younger residents would like a youth group. David from Wheely Tots mentioned there is lots of finding available for this if it is something to do with bikes! He is happy to help with this. Ideas- can separate the age groups, education based, 12+ study prep or hangout with other young residents. Oliur suggested contacting him about ideas and what kids want.


Round of applause at the end for Roy in expression of everyone’s gratitude for his work for the resident’s group so far


If you want something on the agenda for the next meeting, want to get involved, or have ideas fr anything contact Oliur: oliur.rahman2@hackney.gov.uk

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September 13, 2018
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
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Vince Murrrain Community Centre
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