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Residents Meeting September

September 2, 2020 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

This Tenants & Residents Association (TRA) meeting will be celebrating the community which already exists on Kings Crescent and looking for ways to develop this further.

It’s a chance for residents to discuss what events and activities we want to have here, meet your neighbours etc.

Let us know if you have any ideas! KingsCrescentN4@gmail.com


Meeting Minutes

(Please note these are a draft to be approved at the next meeting on 02 December 2020)

In attendance:                                                        From:

Nina Lyndon Hackney Showroom
Carol Squires Source Partnership
Siovhan Crombie Resident Participation

10 residents attended and apologies recieved from 6 others


  Agenda Item


Action Owner
1 Welcome and Introductions    
2 Residents Group (TRA) Committee Updates    
  ·        General updates from Emley: Most activities have been cancelled because of the pandemic but we still have access to the funding for them so once things open-up a bit more then we’ll have a few things ready. This includes a fun party organised by HS, the homework club

·        Finances update from Alice: See table below.

·        Gardening/allotments update from Tom:

He has set up a facebook group for the allotment holders and has managed to get a bit more “power” when talking to Hackney (for example he has managed to get the responsibility of filling water butts to residents). He hopes, with the gardening group, to 1. get more responsibilities regarding the management of the allotments, 2. to bring people together and 3. to have a louder voice when speaking with the council and get issues resolved faster.  Getting more responsibilities would hopefully include the management of the plots that are not in used and the waiting list.

Nina mentions that there are many opportunities for activities to be organised by HS around gardening/food and there are lots of funding opportunities available.

3 Hackney Showroom Update    
  Nina from Hackney Showroom will give an update regarding

·        Events and activities happening in their space (Unit C)

Futureheads was very successful; 42 children over two weeks attended and really bonded.

Kings Feast is still on the shelf, but we need to decide a date (funded from community budget last financial year but postponed due to Covid).

Disco Loco, dancing with parents and toddlers; HS is hoping for this to happen every week, one morning.

HS has been awarded a grant to run three different projects. One is actor training for 18-25-year olds. One is a youth theatre club for 14-18-year olds. And the final one is for a more generic drop-in youth club, which will include some art activities, targeted age to be confirmed.

·        Progress on building work to transform the space:

The team (HS, TRA + Hackney) is hoping to go to tender this week. Works should take 3-4 weeks and should happen in October. Works include creating two studio spaces with acoustic separation between them and a small office for HS.

4 Community Survey results    
  Source Partnership (ITLA) have been running a survey to get feedback from residents about the types of activities and events they would like to see happening on Kings Crescent.  Update from Carol:

66 responses

48 residents have children <5 years old

Further 15 have children >5 years old

Activities that people would like to see run (and are not already): language classes, general fitness, martial arts, youth clubs, boys club.

40% of residents are willing up to pay up to £5 for these activities

Issues raised by residents: lack of community cohesion, lack of activities for children, ASB.

36% of residents think that the TRA should always give support with issues with the council.

33% of residents think that the TRA should never give support with issues with the council.

Carol mentions that they would like to restart the Coffee Morning with the older population, but that Hackney is slow with re-opening the community centre. Nina offers to hold those mornings in Unit C.

5 Open Conversation    
  The homework club could start in November with small groups. There is funding available for once a week for a year but maybe it could run twice a week for six months. There are insurance forms to be filled to cover the fact that the TRA will oversee children during the homework club (without parents present).

Maire proposes to use the car park money for soil for the planters (around £50), Emley seconds. Sarah H. will apply for funding from Hackney to get that money reimbursed.





6 Dates of next meetings & close

Next ETRA: 7 October

Next residents meeting: early December



Summary of KCTRA Income & Outgoings
Key Income
item Amount (£) Ring-fenced? month/year
Spacehive (Excl GLA) 5,711 YES Jun-20
Homework Club Grant 4,837 YES Jun-20
Car Park Money 500 NO Aug-20
Hackney (RP team) Contribution to Unit C outfit 1,000 YES Aug-20
Key Outgoings
item Amount (£) Specific Funding received? month/year
Reimbursement of board games (flood) 58 YES Jul-20
Printing estate wide flyers (Aug 20) 120 YES – to be submitted TBC
Current bank balance (£): 12,173  
as at: 1st Sept 2020  
NB: smaller sums are excluded for clarity. Further details available upon request
these are unaudited amounts, full audited accounts will be available at each AGM
Prepared by: Alice H, KCTRA Treasurer  
for meeting: 2nd September 2020  


Previous information:

Community Meeting Agenda

Please email KingsCrescentN4@gmail.com to be sent the Zoom link to access the meeting

  Agenda Item Suggested


1 Welcome and Introductions 5 mins Emley
2 Residents Group (TRA) Committee Updates 25 mins
  ·        General updates: Emley

·        Finances update: Alice

·        Gardening/allotments update: Tom

TRA Committee
3 Hackney Showroom Update 15 mins
  Nina from Hackney Showroom will give an update regarding

·        Events and activities happening in their space (Unit C)

·        Progress on building work to transform the space

Hackney Showroom
4 Community Survey results 10 mins
  Source Partnership (ITLA) have been running a survey to get feedback from residents about the types of activities and events they would like to see happening on Kings Crescent.  Carol will give an update of the results so far. https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/YKTBZW6 Source Partnership
5 Open Conversation 30 mins
  Opportunity for residents to share ideas and suggestions for community building activities and events on Kings Crescent Residents
6 Dates of next meetings & close


5 mins Emley

Additional information:

  • Email KingsCrescentN4@gmail.com to be sent the Zoom link to access the meeting
  • This was planned to be our AGM but we have been advised by Hackney to postpone this formality until after Covid-19 when we are able to meet safely in person, so this will happen in 2021
  • Please note that this meeting is focused on community building. The next meeting for discussing estate related issues with Hackney is on 7th October 2020
  • See https://kingscrescent.org/ for details of upcoming events and minutes of previous meetings
  • To get in touch with the committee: Email KingsCrescentN4@gmail.com call/text/WhatsApp 07925668497 Social Media: @KingsCrescentN4



Previous information:

This was supposed to be our ‘Annual General Meeting’ (AGM) where we would be electing the new Tenants & Residents Association Committee, however Hackney have advised us to postpone this formal element until after Coronavirus when it is safe to meet again in a large group. The current committee will continue in post until that time.

Let us know if you would like to join the committee or want more information about getting involved with anything that is happening on Kings Crescent.

This meeting will be hosted online via Zoom (due to Covid-19 restrictions).

Please email the TRA committee for the zoom link if you’d like to join.The agenda will be available here 1 week before the meeting.

Also please email or call the committee by Wednesday 19th August with any items you would like added to the agenda .

We are committed to working inclusively, if you have any access requirements please contact us to discuss how we can help.

To contact the Tenants & Residents Association Committee:

Email: kingscrescentn4@gmail.com Phone: 07926568497

Please follow and like us:


September 2, 2020
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
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