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Hackney Update Meeting (postponed ETRA)

December 1, 2022 @ 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

This meeting is an opportunity for residents to meet with Hackney to discuss estate matters.

This is a replacement for the postponed October ETRA meeting (agenda and background information shown further down page).

Notes from the meeting:

Kings Crescent ETRA Meeting 1.12.2022


Hackney officers and Kings Crescent Residents

Chaired by Alice Hutchinson




  • Update on progress – Steve Waddington (SW).


Drains – work on 4 buildings to resolve with 1 remaining. SW been emailed that still a problem at Bramfield, as well as Datchworth. SW will investigate


Contact Centre – The ICT system still does not have full information, so when they get a call agents have to look in other documents. But they do have the information if they look. Agents been advised of the importance of getting the right information.


Fire Safety  – letters have gone out to all relevant buildings about consultants findings and EWS1


Complaints Process

Timely responses have been a problem, SW looking at that as not hitting timeframe. Just under 20 days at the moment.


  • Service Charges Judith Morrison


Team took more time send out Statement of Actual Service Charges as wanted to make rigorous additional checks. On the whole charges lower. One block has increased because of additional repairs. JM happy to assist if there are any questions – there are more generous payment options in light of the Cost of Living challenges. .

Question raised about increases at Wallington Court. Resident advised to email JM. There have been increases in energy costs. Hackney will look at any other issues if they arise.


Questions raised about solar panels – are there any and how are they used. There are solar panels and Hackney will respond. The response can be included in the meeting notes. JM to respond


  • Fire Safety – Claire Williams

All flats have been rated B1 using the new fire safety assessment (replacement for EWS1). Hackney took a different approach with the assessment using 9980 not the RICS EWS1. The 9980 is a more extensive & holisitic assessment – the decision is based not just on the external walls & materials used but other factors to take a holisitic view of fire safety. The people who have requested certificates or already paid to receive a previous EWS1 assessment certificate (B2) would receive them by 5.12.22. They will be hand delivered. One resident asked for a postal delivery. Agreed to.


One lender didn’t like the electronic date stamp so the letter of resilience certificate is being retyped with physical date.


If someone needs one they can apply to the Property Sales Team. Information on the website https://hackney.gov.uk/request-ews-form There is a charge for an EWS1, but not if the result is B2.


Question asked if there is a renewal plan for EWS1. SW said no plans to do that – hope to move away from EWS1. They did just do the assessment and they are very expensive. Lenders still want EWS1 at the moment so will have to make a decision in the future. SW not aware of any need to EWS1 every 5 years, as there will be no change to the structure, therefore no need to risk assess. We don’t know if lenders will continue to only accept EWS1. Work going on nationally about EWs1 or 9980. SW could not give assurance that Hackney would do further assessments. It’s not a requirement on the Council but Hackney did do one at this point. Hackney will do all they can but not automatically do EWS1. AH thanked Hackney for all the work they have done to get the assessments done.


  • Lifts – SW

The problem with the lifts has been caused by high temperatures and combination of issues. The lift engineer has proposed works to lift due to takes place in December/January with confirmed dates for the corrective action for all blocks. (Kimpton is 5.01.23) The costs will not be passed to leaseholders.


Question about time it has taken since problem first identified in 2018. SW acknowledged that the response was not good enough, but there are no records due to staff changes and cyber attack. SW hopes the lift problem will be fixed by the proposed works.


  • Hot water and reporting problems SW

Issue raised the call centre agents don’t realise it’s a centralised system as they need to cross reference to find information. This has meant residents have been given incorrect information (eg. Told to contact Thames Water or that it is the resident’s responsibility to find a solution) and on other occasions, been told that it will take several days for a resolution to the issue.

Advise to residents is to tell the agent it’s a communal hot water system. Get put through as an emergency, not routine. There is a 24hr call out time for emergencies. At any time. Call centre response for emergencies is 4 minutes. Times have been reduced recently.

When reporting the issues,  residents should also use the postcode, which is better for operatives to identify the right block compared to the individual address.


A resident (SH)  commented that if the hot water is off a few times a year it needs looking at – as not expected in a new building. SW to look into it. There will be a record of breakdowns, and SW will share what they find.


Hackney has aspiration to have communications system that would text everyone in a block if there is a problem. Hackney is reviewing at the moment whether to build their own platform or buy integrated system. That will determine timelines. The lack of a system like this is holding Hackney back.


  • Complaints: Jahedur Rahamn

J showed a presentation about Housing Transformation Complaints

The Housing Ombudsman Service has a new Complaint Handling Code from September 2020.

Hackney recognises the importance of consistency and looks at how to improve.

Housing management looks at complaints and identifies targeted action.

Complaints are best raised through the website – not email. Email system didn’t work as they didn’t always get picked up.

Difference between service requests and service failure – If a service failure then Stage 1 of process.

The process is that

  • try to resolve – 5 days
  • Response – 10 days
  • Second Stage 15 days – to Ombudsmen Service


SW reported that Hackney in the process of implementing online repairs service reporting system.

Meanwhile Anthony anthony.ramsay@hackney.gov.uk can be contacted if having difficulties reporting repairs/raising issues and he can pass on issues, or at weekly surgery on the estate on Wednesdays.


  • AOB

Broken lights on South side. There has been no response on Theobalds Court. North side issues seen on 1.12 but different issues on south side. Cllr Potter has photo and will send to SW. SW and AR to pick up.


Cllr Potter raised the issue of the proposed boundary change to Brownswood and encouraged residents to consider if they wanted to provide feedback – deadline for responses was in first half of December. .


Previous information:

Please see the message below from Alice, the Residents Association Treasurer, for details of the meeting. See further down for the agenda too.


Dear Residents & Leaseholders,

The TRA have worked with Hackney Council to arrange a meeting on Thursday 1st December for Hackney Council to provide an update to residents on the following topics. This will include time for discussion and questions to be raised.

Topics to be discussed:

  • Drain issues on south side of the estate
  • North estate blocks – Hot water system repairs & incorrect information being provided to residents
  • Progress on fire safety review (PAS9980)
  • Lift issues
  • Service charges update
  • Hackney services – process to report repairs and complaint process
  • AOB

We are likely to have a brief written update from Hackney on the key topics to share later this week.

Hackney Council Attendees:

Claire Williams- Building Safety Manager • Resident Safety

Michal Janowski- Health Safety and Compliance Manager • Resident Safety

Judith Morrison- Head of Leasehold & Right To Buy Service

Kain Roach- Interim Head of Building Maintenance • Building Maintenance

Lindsey Matthews- Repairs Customer Service Manager • Building Maintenance

Lorraine Wright- Head of Housing Management

Rob Jack- Project Manager • Mechanical and Electrical

Steve Waddington- Strategic Director of Housing Services

The meeting will be online and the dial in details are below.

  • Thursday 01st December from 18:00- 19:30 hrs
  • Meeting will take place virtually via Google Meets (non Gmail users can enter using this link)- meeting link- meet.google.com/cyu-tjuh-efn

Please do try to attend if these topics are of interest as it helps highlight how widespread issues are. Also, please bear in mind that the TRA Committee members are residents on the estate who volunteer their own time to support ongoing conversations & hopefully work towards resolution of key issues – we need your input, support & patience in this. If you’d be interested to get more involved, please contact Emley Pine (TRA Chair) or Alice Hutchinson (TRA Treasurer) – you can email us: kingscrescentn4@gmail.com






  Subject Allocation of time Time
KCTRA: Alice Hutchinson, KCTRA Treasurer 1 Welcome, Introductions and Opening      

 5 mins



Steve Waddington- Strategic Director of Housing Services 2 Overall update on progress since last meeting 10 mins


Update- 5 mins


Q&A- 5 mins


Claire Williams- Building Safety Manager 3 Fire Safety & PAS 9980 update 10 mins


Update- 5 mins


Q&A- 5 mins


Rob Jack- Project Manager (Mechanical and Electrical)/ Sinead Burke- Head Planned Asset Management 4 Lift Issues  15 mins


Update- 10 mins


Q&A- 5 mins

Kain Roach,

Head of Building Maintenance

5 Hot Water Outage & reporting 10 mins


Update- 5 mins


Q&A- 5 mins


Kain Roach, Head of Building Maintenance 7 Drain issues in the south side of the estate 10 mins


Update- 5 mins


Q&A- 5 mins

Judith Morrison, Head of Leasehold and Right to Buy 8 Service Charges timeline for updates 10 mins


Update- 5 mins


Q&A- 5 mins

6. AOB

Broken lights in South side blocks



10 mins

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December 1, 2022
6:00 pm - 7:30 pm
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