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December Steering Group Meeting & Christmas drinks

December 17, 2018 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Last steering group of 2018

This meeting is focused on the plans and updates for the next phase of development


Kings Crescent Steering Group Meeting to be held on

Monday 17 December 2018 starting at 7.00pm in Vince Murrain Community Centre




  1. Introductions and Apologies
  1. Notes of previous meeting held 28 November 2018 and any Matters Arising not elsewhere on the agenda
  1. Feedback from design exhibition 10th December
  1. Any urgent business
  1. RSG meetings 2019, date of next meeting



1.0 Introductions and apologies Action
  Apologies were received from: Alice Hutchinson, Karsten Hartmann, Emma Crouch


2.0 Notes of previous meeting and matters arising  
2.1 Minutes were agreed as correct.


2.2 Matters arising:

DP raised the issue of cleaning and caretaking. He contended that the Weston Court podium hadn’t been swept thoroughly for months and was concerned about LBH’s ability to keep the estate clean when it has 25% more homes.  He reported that 34 lights are not working in Weston and Datchworth Courts. CS offered to pass this onto Annette Reid, Estate Manager.







3.0 Feedback from design exhibition 10th December  
3.1 RG reported that there were 120 attendees. 60 were from the new blocks, 15 off the estate and the rest from the old blocks. This was an opportunity for LBH and the design team to set out what feedback was taken on board and what hasn’t changed.


Refuse and recycling

Site-wide proposals for refuse, recycling and parking were a major part of the presentations. RG reiterated that proposals to close refuse chutes was a borough-wide policy to overcome a management problem and to increase recycling rates.  Provision will be made to support residents who cannot get to bins.

DP raised concerns about the impact of closing the chutes and the likelihood that food waste would be spilt in lifts and on walkways when residents had to carry compostable waste bags down to bins. These sometimes split easily. Rubbish bags are not a problem as these are generally much stronger. If the cleaning service is poor, who will clean up spillage from bags? SH and PA both suggested double-bagging waste, AM suggested composting bins that can be bought; these break down food waste at home and the compost can be used on plants or allotments. RG welcomed the ideas and possible solutions being suggested.


Feedback from designs displayed

RG continued feedback on the exhibition. Proposals for parking and estate services were set out and the master planning strategy explained. New images were produced to try to capture the look and feel of the development, particularly the new courtyards. The new model, ipads and VR devices went down well. The general response was that people felt listened to.  PA reported that he didn’t find it easy to see on the display boards where changes had been made; he had to have them described. He found the VR very helpful. He still thinks the columns on the new balconies are a security risk and thinks the 3rd column on each balcony looks unnecessary. RG indicated that crime prevention officers will have an input into this design feature and the details of the columns’ material will be discussed with the manufacturer.


Density and ASB

PS asked for confirmation of the number of new blocks. RG – there will be 5. PS asked if the estate is big enough to cope with so many new blocks. RG replied that in fact the LBH design panel and the GLA think there’s scope for more and taller blocks. PA questioned whether tall blocks are good for families and cited an example of a tall block in Holly Street which was unpopular for families and it was converted into an over 55s block. He also expressed concern about the possibility of increased ASB with new younger people likely to be living on the estate. RG felt that the new community facilities should provide activities and projects for young people. BB questioned the perception that young people who cause ASB are primarily from off the estate. Many do live at Kings Crescent and so should be in a position to benefit from activities organised at the new community facilities.


Estate lighting

PA raised the issue of the poor lighting now and expressed the hope that this will be taken into account for the new development. SH endorsed the view that the lighting now could be poor. RG said these concerns will be fed into the new build lighting strategy. CS noted that when Higgins were on site, the whole estate was lit all the time for security, so at least when the phase 3&4 contractors are on site, this will probably contribute to improved lighting. DP reiterated his view that a reliable caretaking service would pick up these sorts of problems. CS committed to contact Annette Reid to find out when the next walkabout will take place to pick up these issues (as per item 2.2).



There was also concern about the perception that the cleaners are not full time on KC but are agency staff not spending all their time on the estate. BT to check what

the situation is with the cleaners.


PA asked if the cameras at Weston Court were now all working. BT will check and respond but she understands that they are.


Proposed layout and public realm

BB asked if there was feedback on the layout of the estate. SC liked the central play space. CP noted that the new community centre will also be a focus for community activity. SC stressed the importance of building up a sense of community with the existing and new outdoor spaces. EP reported that her daughter, Maya had been questioning MUF at the exhibition about the purpose of the equipment on the play street. RG commented that if a child is unsure how play equipment is intended to be used, there are lessons to be learnt. Facilities need to be clearly useful and of interest for children.


Boiler room

PS asked about plans for the old boiler room under Theobalds Ct. RG – it could be an ancillary community space, a meeting room or converted into another flat.


Environmental additions 

In response to a question from PA, RG reported that existing blocks will have brown roofs and PV Panels that should reduce energy bills. BB added that LBH is developing a ‘green offer’ with possibly a borough-wide energy company. SC raised the problem that she experienced with the solar panels earlier this year. BT explained that some were not fixed properly and had to be taken down and refixed; Higgins dealt with this quickly.


Ongoing lessons learnt

Light fittings

AM raised the issue of LED bulbs that cannot be replaced by residents when the bulbs expire because of the light fittings. Social rent tenants have to call out LBH repairs to change the bulb – no doubt at great expense. There may be a disparity between social rent tenants and owners who do not have the same light fittings. BT acknowledged this is a problem. LED lights are fitted because they are more efficient but a lot are being replaced under warranty as so many have died. SC noticed that lights were left on 24 hours a day while the flats were being finished so the life of the bulbs was a lot less by the time the flats were occupied. BB asked that this is looked at as a specification item for phases 3&4.

Communal doors

SH raised the issue of the main door to Chipping Court which is always failing. BT noted this is a latent defect and has been reported 11 times to her knowledge.  LBH still working on finding a solution.

New stripes on play street

EP reported that they are very slippery. BT to check this out.

Sainsbury’s staff parking on the pavement?

Several people have witnessed this. It could be one of the security guards. RG and BT to raise this with Sainsburys.






RG ran through indicative timetable for the next phases:

·         Internal meetings will be held up to March 2019 to settle viability and final design details leading to planning application being made mid March.

·         Determination of the application will be in approx. 6 months, so around Sept 2019.

·         Meanwhile, the process for selecting a contractor will get underway, starting in Spring 2019. Tender invitations will be issued in the summer, deadline of Sept for submissions. The Cabinet Procurement Committee will need to sign off the decision to award the contract which will probably be by Nov 2019.

·         Approx. Dec 2019 contract with developer signed.

·         On site approx. Spring 2020

Residents will have a role to play in selecting the contractor; there are quality criteria that bidders will have to respond to, e.g. how they will deal with noise and disruption.

·         Refurbishment will be finished first, approx. 18 months after start of site, so approx. late 2021.

·         The new blocks will then be built on a phased basis between approx. 2022 and 2023.

SH asked if this phase will be longer than the first phases. RG estimated approx. 3 years; there is less new build but more refurbishment than phases 1 &2. It will be a very complex and challenging contract – lots of homes in occupation in close proximity, a tight site and difficult logistics. BB commented that plenty of contractors possess the expertise to construct within tightly constrained sites.


PA asked about the white lines that have been painted on the estate roads. BT replied that these are probably LBH contractors checking where services run, BT to check if PA’s observations correlate with what should be happening with the preparatory works. RG noted that there is one more trial pit to be dug a round Weston Court.









































































































































4.0 Any urgent business  
4.1 None  
5.0 Date of next meeting  
5.1 Next meeting 30/1/19 in Unit C  
In Attendance: 11 Residents

Ron Greenwood (RG)

Bronwen Thomas (BT)

Simon Ware

Carol Squires  (CS)

John Morris

Natalie Adubofour

Cllr Brian Bell (BB) (Chair)



LB Hackney

LB Hackney

LB Hackney

Source Partnership (ITLA)

Source Partnership (ITLA)

Source Partnership (ITLA)

Cllr Clare Potter (CP)


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December 17, 2018
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
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Vince Murrrain Community Centre
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