Police Update: results of recent Finsbury Park survey

Email sent to Kings Crescent TRA

From: Mohammed.Hussain4@met.police.uk <Mohammed.Hussain4@met.police.uk>
Sent: 17 October 2020 13:01
Cc: SNTGD-Brownswood@met.police.uk
Subject: Results

Dear Ward Member,

We have received and analysed the results from the previous Finsbury Park Survey, which Brownswood Ward, Haringey and Highbury wards have assessed. We’d like to first thank you all for the participation, and I believe it is mainly yourselves, Brownswood members, that responded which is not surprising since the engagement we receive from you all is fantastic and helps with the daily tasks we set out as SNT officers.

Sexual Harassment

An apology is due to those that feel that the SNT are not working enough to tackle the issues of Sexual Harassment on Blackstock Road. Sexual Harassment is extremely unacceptable and has now been made a top ward priority. Brownswood SNT will aim to liaise with neighbouring wards with regards to this issue in the hopes that there is more SNT presence allowing for a better dispersion of congregators on the road as well as to provide reassurance to you. You residents pay to live in a safe environment and although local police have been sure to address other concerns of gang activities and violent crime, we understand that crimes such as Sexual Harassment, needs a greater attention.

For those who been victim to this, please always call 999 as quick as possible and I would also encourage, if you feel it safe to do so, to call it out publicly so that a nearby member of public might be able to assist and call the police on your behalf. Officers will of course make arrests of sexual offenders and issue ASB warnings to offenders causing general harassment and distress.

Please use this link if you feel you have been victim to Sexual Harassment either in public, at work or at home: https://www.victimsupport.org.uk/help-and-support/get-help

Updates and Improvements

It has been a busy few months for the Brownswood team as there are just two local officers, myself – PC Hussain, and PC Rigo, both of us have been abstracted due to central aid requirements and have been somewhat limited in our Brownswood contact. However, I can assure you that on the days we are available to the ward, we have continuously patrolled the ward, issuing ASB Warnings, Stop and Searches and also engaging with offenders and helping them look towards a better and community integrated future.

We recognise more work is needed to be done and we will continuously look to re-evaluate our methods to ensure you are safe whilst keeping a positive community spirit. If you have suggestions as to how you would like to see the local SNT operate on the ward, please get in touch as will definitely incorporate these ideas into our daily tasks.

On a final note, we understand there is a lack of digital engagement. Although a monthly Newsletter is sent out, we are currently working on technical issues with our twitter account. Once this is up and running, we will aim to send out details of any contact sessions and ward meetings as well as general ward updates. Twitter account @MPSBrownswood

Thank you again for the responses as it has allowed the team recognise the positive outcomes of our work and also learn from any weaker strategies or areas in which we are lacking coverage.


Brownswood SNT

Metropolitan Police Service

Central East BCU (Hackney & Tower Hamlets)

w: www.met.police.uk e:Brownswood.SNT@met.police.uk


Report crime by calling 101 or in an emergency call 999.
Remember, you can also report crime online on our website: https://www.met.police.uk/


September Newsletter from Brownswood Police

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