Message from Bianca Rembrandt:
To help prevent and deter ASB, crime and disorder and to protect the reputation of the estate, as well as encourage residents to continue to report incidents, I have set up the Neighbourhood watch scheme for Kings Crescent estate. See link below  
I have carried out an audit of where the Neighbourhood Watch signs should  go on the estate with  Annette Reid and the Neighbourhood Watch champion for Hackney Lynne Troughton.
Wayne Hylton, Senior Manager from  Hackney housing has provided funding to put up Neighbourhood watch  signs around the estate – this will happen in  August. 
Please let me know if you have any questions. 
Kind regards,

Bianca Rembrandt

Community Safety and Principal Enforcement Officer (Brownswood and  Dalston Wards)

Enforcement and Business Regulation ¦ Hackney Borough

London Borough of Hackney

1 Hillman Street

E8 1DY


tel: 020 8356 4294

mb: 07855 075074

fax : 020 8356 2241

Report ASB: 0208 356 3310

Report Noise: 0208 356 4455

Out of Hours (Noise) Service operates: Thursday and Sunday from 6.30pm  – 2am; Friday and Saturday from 9pm to 5am. Tel 0208 356 4455 or email

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