🔻🔻🔻Bunting request for Unit C! 🔻🔻🔻

Hi everyone, the residents committee were chatting last week about how we can continue to build community on Kings Crescent despite not being allowed to see each other at the moment.One idea we had was to decorate the windows in Unit C (Hackney Showroom space) with bunting!

The link below gives instructions and a template to make your own bunting if you’d like to contribute. That one is particulaly aimed at celebrating the end of WWII (VE day 8th May). You are welcome to go with that theme, or rainbows, NHS gratitude, hope, nature, community, fun, whatever you like!

Some of the committee will be in Unit C at 3pm this Sunday for you to drop off your designs (with appropriate social distancing in place).

If you don’t have a printer we will have some blank copies for you to take away with you and we can arrange another drop off date if needed.

Alternatively you can make your own fabulous bunting from old magazines as Maire has done (see photo), or make it from material if you are good at sewing/knitting etc, be as creative as you like!!

Really, we just want this to be a community project that will make people smile when they walk past! 😊🌈

As Alice previously suggested you can also use the bunting to decorate your windows/balconies etc.

Also, if anyone has any other ideas about how we can continue to build community please do let us know 🥰


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