We have launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise money to fit out our new community space (Unit C) and need your help please…

· PLEDGE £2 – to demonstrate that you support the idea of having a space for community events and activities on Kings Crescent. We need lots of small pledges at this stage to prove that this is something wanted by our community – then we can use this later to ask bigger donors (for example the Mayor of London will be looking at our project in early March and wants to see over 100 pledges before he will consider pledging)

· TALK to neighbours and friends about our vision and ask them to pledge too

· SHARE the link with your network to help us get more pledges

· Able to give more than £2? That would be great to help us towards our overall targetThank you!!!


We will be launching a survey soon to gather opinions about the types of activities you would like to see on Kings Crescent, but for now we just need to create a nice space!

Please note that money is not taken now when you pledge, you are just setting up the process for the money to be taken in late May/June if we reach our target amount in pledges.

If you have any questions, please get in touch! kcresidentsgroup@outlook.com

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