Hackney Showroom have been using Unit C to rehearse for their play by Zawe Ashton which opens next week in Stoke Newington Town Hall and will be running until 9th November.

They have kindly offered to give Kings Crescent residents discounted tickets, so we only pay £10 instead of the usual £25!

for all the women who thought they were  Mad is an urgent piece of theatre examining the myriad of forces that collide and conspire against black women living in contemporary Britain today.

Zawe Ashton is a novelist, poet, playwright, filmmaker and actor. She is currently starring on stage in Harold Pinter’s Betrayal alongside Tom Hiddleston on Broadway and in the film Velvet Buzzsaw alongside Jake Gyllenhaal on Netflix. Her first novel Character Breakdown was published this year.

Enter the promo code LOCAL10 before entering your card details and the £25 will change to £10 tickets. You have to enter your postcode so that this promotion is only available to Kings Crescent residents.

There is also an option to donate to Hackney Showroom – they are a fantastic charity art organisation who aim to make art, theatre etc accessible to the local community. Well worth an extra couple of pounds donation if you can!!

Further info and tickets here:


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