Following some issues reported by residents last time there was a film crew here are some updates from Hackney regarding the next crew:

Just wanted to let you know that due to various complaints from residents in regards to the last film crew on Kings Crescent Estate, the terms and conditions of using the space have now been tightened:

As we have a confirmed booking due to go in this week (Sun 18th until Monday 26th), I’ve had to tighten the T&Cs of their occupancy and ensure they can work to new catering timings and restrictions. The main points are:
No movement of large vehicles between 2230 – 0700. This includes rubbish collections
All generators must be ULTRA SILENT models.
All generators to be shut off by 2230
All generators (INCLUDING CATERING) can only be switched on after 0600
I will also be taking a deposit tied to successfully adhering to all of the site’s T&Cs.

Hopefully this answers any concerns

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