Hackney have informed us that there will be another production team using the Base Unit. Here are the details:
Production to pull in on Sunday 11th August after 1900 but be finished before 2200 curfew.
They will have one catering vehicle enter the site on Monday 12th August at 0530 with all the rest arriving after 0600.
They will be finished and out of the site by 2100 on the 12th August.Title of production: FUJI
Production company: Rattling Stick
Production type: Commercial
Synopsis: Young People playing with Instant cameras
Location name: Green Lanes Unit Base
Shoot start: 11/08/2019 12:00
Shoot end: 12/08/2019 21:00

As mentioned in a previous post part of the hoarded area near Green Lanes will be rented out to film production companies to use as a base while filming in the area. Hackney will kindly be sharing 25% of rental income with the residents group. Come along to our next meeting (5th September) to discuss ideas to spend this on! Another 25% with the regeneration team to subsidise things like the new community centre then Hackney will keep 50%.

If you have any concerns there will apparently be contact details for the crew posted on the hoarding. Otherwise contact Ron.Greenwood@hackney.gov.uk

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