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Steering Group Meeting May

May 16, 2019 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm


1.0 Introductions and apologies Action



Apologies were received from Gouri Ghosh, Cllr Clare Potter, Roy Watkin, Anna McConnell (stepping down from the RSG) and Ron Greenwood. (Post meeting note : Jo Griffiths also gave late apologies not picked up until after the meeting)


2.0 Notes of previous meeting held 11 April 2019 and any Matters Arising not elsewhere on the agenda  



From 4.1 re pigeons. BT confirmed that the anti pigeon gel is being piloted on 2 new blocks. Also, that it lasts for approx. 5 years and therefore will be replaced at Weston Ct as well.

If pilot is unsuccessful, other methods will be tried.





From 11.2 re Sainsbury’s vent on Green Lanes. This query is with Planning. BT to update at June RSG.




3.0 Kings Crescent Story update and presentation  



BT gave a presentation of the boards that will be produced for the launch on 25th June. She asked if anyone has more photos or other material that could be added to fill the ‘middle years,’ these would be welcomed.







4.0 Phase 3 & 4 update  







BT reported that the scheme has passed Gateway 1. A few details were flagged up internally which have delayed submission of the scheme to the planners. LBH are quite a strict client, which is positive. The Regen. team now hope to submit the application next week.  Formal consultation letters will be sent out to all local residents 3 to 4 weeks after submission of the planning application and this will describe how representations in response to the plans can be made.


Letters have gone out to refurbishment blocks for final consultation meetings. The main date is 30th May, to run alongside Source’s May coffee afternoon. 2 additional meetings have been arranged for residents in the Weston Court podium flats and the north east corner flats of Datchworth Court.


BB referred to the previous RSG minutes for details of the full planning process. He also asked if any RSG member is interested in being part of the contractor selection process; PD put himself forward.


BT also noted that additional GLA funding has enabled LBH to produce 12 more social rented flats (28 in total). This is part of 100 extra social rented homes across the borough. CS asked if these will be subject to the local lettings policy that was piloted here in phase 1 & 2; we were expecting some feedback last year from the pilot. BT confirmed that they would be available for the revised local lettings arrangements.














The ITLA contract needs to be re-procured. There is a framework of 5 consultancies that LBH use. BT invited a resident to sit on the selection panel with her and Ron; PA volunteered. Interviews possibly in late June/early July. This might take 2 half days to score the submissions and possibly to interview.


5.0 Phase 1 & 2 update  



BT reported that final defects are now with Higgins, mostly small, individual items. TV reception and the problems with the fobs and main front doors to the blocks are the main estate-wide issues remaining. EP thought that posts on the local Facebook site suggest that there are more complaints than reach LBH. ES added that the problems are intermittent and because they keep recurring, it gets tiring continually reporting them. There was further discussion about the door closers; BT concluded that for the Northside blocks, LBH looking to get the door manufacturers back.




BB noted that the lease and management of Unit C is still in negotiation.





EP raised the issue of the slippery courtyards. BT – LBH is looking at specialist cleaning contractor. ES noted that it seemed to be the areas that don’t get sunlight which become slippery; c/w the pocket park brick paving which is south facing and which doesn’t get slippery.


6.0 Draft statement of community support for phases 3 & 4  



CS introduced this; it is customary for steering groups to offer a statement of support for planning applications. It is acknowledged that there is not 100% support for 100% of the scheme but a general level of support exists which can be ratified by a signed statement of support addressed to the planners. In some schemes all members of the SG sign, in others, just the Chair. The draft was circulated and everyone given the chance to read it. KH felt that he personally would not be able to sign it, nor could he as a representative of Wallington Court residents. ES queried ‘well-managed’ (3rd bullet point on page 1). CS explained this meant maintained and managed in terms of ensuring behaviour is reasonable and ASB is dealt with. BT added that housing management and the ASB Team will try to ensure that there is a shared understanding of how communal spaces should be used properly.  It was agreed that the statement will be amended to broaden this out/be more descriptive about what this means.


KH highlighted the last sentence of para 5, where there is reference to ‘lively discussions.’ BB suggested that if he wants this to be more reflective of the challenges presented to the scheme, he could contribute his wording for the sentence to the draft.


JM will circulate the draft to the whole RSG mailing list so that those not present now can read it and comment, and attendees tonight can consider a response with more time.


BT and JWM emphasised that it is important that anyone who wishes to is able to express a view. BB emphasised that this does not prevent anyone from making their own comments as part of the statutory planning consultation.


























7.0 RSG training update and feedback  



CS gave an update on dates which have been affected by the 23/5 elections and 30/5 consultation event. It is now proposed that the session for catching up on the induction training is held 20th June with the session on contractor selection in early September. Overall, the feedback from the training has been very positive.


8.0 Residents Group update  



EP gave an update:

i)  another successful family fun morning (last Saturday of each month) was held in April

ii)  the Town Hall visit went well – attended by some children as well as the adult members of the group










iii)  the service charge meeting on 9th May was useful but the general view was that there are still questions to be answered. Notes from Alice Hutchinson are on the KC website. The Residents Group committee feel this as ongoing item of concern.

iv)  the gardening morning took place on Saturday (11th May). Compost was bought with last year’s funding. Sarah Coxhead brought her own seeds that were planted. PA made the comment that the event was not as ambitious as he thought it could be. EP invited suggestions on how a similar event could be improved, given that it was also aimed at children. But pointed out that Sarah C. had brought and paid for her own seeds and equipment to start it off. It was up to residents, via the Residents Group to decide how to spend their funding – so if a bigger and better event was popular, money could be set aside for this. The next Residents Group open meeting is 6th June, where views on how to use the funding can be discussed.


9.0 Any urgent business  



PS asked for an update on plans for the old boiler house. BT explained that different options were explored, including using it for additional community space. But the difficulty of access made this unviable. Currently, it is marked on the plans as a space for back up generators for the lifts, but it is unlikely that this will be needed. Therefore, it is likely to be converted to create another flat.  PA asked what will happen to the chimney. BT stated that at the moment, it will be left in place.





PA enquired about the opening up works for the ground survey that was carried out around Weston Court. BT is still waiting to see the results.





JM asked how many of those present would still like hard copies of the papers delivered in addition to the emailed versions. PA, PD and PS requested a posted hard copy, the other members confirmed they are happy to receive them electronically.


10.0 Dates of next meetings  



Next meeting arranged for 26th June.  (Post meeting note – BB has notified that there is a full Council meeting on 26th June, so the RSG date will need to change)




The Meeting closed at 8.15 pm


Meeting to be held on

Thursday 16 May 2019 starting at 7.00pm in the Vince Murrain Community Centre






Agenda item Lead
1 Introductions and Apologies


Cllr Bell (Chair)
2 Notes of previous meeting held 11 April 2019 and any Matters Arising not elsewhere on the agenda


Cllr Bell (Chair)
3 Kings Crescent Story update and presentation


Bronwen (LBH)
4 Phase 3 & 4 update


Bronwen (LBH)
5 Phase 1 & 2 update


Bronwen (LBH)
6 Draft statement of community support for phases 3 & 4


Carol (Source)
7 RSG training update and feedback


Carol (Source)
8 Residents Group update


Emley (Residents  Group Chair)
9 Any urgent business


Cllr Bell (Chair)
10 Dates of next meeting


Cllr Bell (Chair)




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May 16, 2019
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
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Vince Murrrain Community Centre
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