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Steering Group Meeting

April 11, 2019 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

This is the first meeting of the relaunched Steering Group. It is the intention that the steering group is fairly small and representative of all buildings on the estate.

Source Partnership, in their capacity as Independent Advisors for residents of Kings Crescent have been running some induction training for new and existing steering group members. If you haven’t been able to attend either of the two we have run so far, please let us know your availability as we intend to organise at least one further session in the near future.     Please contact john@sourcepartnership.com or carol@sourcepartnership.com

If you are not able to or do not with to be involved with the steering group you can always express any views directly to Carol and John or discuss with the new residents committee who can feedback into the steering group.

Meeting to be held on

Thursday 11 April 2019 starting at 7.00pm in the Vince Murrain Community Centre



1.0 Introductions and apologies Action



Apologies were received from Karsten Hartmann, Azucena Ascencio, Yannis Vasilelou, Thomas Davies, Gouri Ghosh, Jill Walker Murrain, Andrew Mitchelson, Cllr Clare Potter


2.0 Welcome to new members  



BB welcomed all new members to the RSG and reminded them of the stipulation to attend Source’s new member training in order to have their membership ratified.


3.0 Notes of previous meeting held 31 January 2019 and any Matters Arising not elsewhere on the agenda  



Agreed as a true record. No matters arising that will not arise on this agenda.


4.0 Presentation on the proposed new materials for phase 3  



EB and DM gave a presentation that included current design images and illustrations of materials and finishes for phases 3 & 4.

Comments, queries were as follows:


JG asked about balcony materials. DM explained that balconies will be pre cast concrete that can be installed quickly having been constructed off site. This will mean that small piles will need to be dug in the Queens Drive gardens for foundations.


JG asked if the current entrance arches will be reduced. DM explained that the Bramfield entrance will be pedestrian only; the Datchworth one will be vehicular but reduced in width. Bin stores will be located at these entrances and the Theobalds access point.  CS added that this is consistent with LBH’s decision to close the chutes. DM noted that bin stores will be as close as possible to lifts.


PA felt that railings on the balconies felt less safe than the current low brick walls.


PA also asked what colour the new balconies will be. DM – a light grey. PA thought that this would not weather well. AP agreed that moss grows on new balconies on north side blocks.


PA queried how drainage from balconies will be organised. DM – water will run away down the inside of the blocks. BT added that the overflows on the phase 1 and 2 balconies work as an early warning that there may be a blockage issue that needs to be dealt with. EB confirmed that the detailed technical design of balconies will be reviewed to make sure problems are avoided.


AP raised the issue of reduced numbers of car parking spaces. EB explained that car free developments are an LBH policy and that existing south side residents will retain the right to have an estate permit.


PA asked about pigeons. BT replied that a survey had recently been completed by LBH and a treatment recommended by Pest Control of bird-repellent gel. PA stated that this had been first placed at Weston Court 8/9 years ago and did not appear to be working now. BT – perhaps it has run out or its effectiveness diminished over time. BT to investigate, but BB emphasised that the proposals for the new blocks are a pilot, so effectiveness will be reviewed.


JG asked how many retail spaces there will be. EB – 4 in all. ES indicated his support for the units opposite the park. There were reservations expressed by others about the viability of retail units here. BB noted that there was no lack of competition for the shop units A, B and D on the northside.


RW asked about the number of trees along Green lanes and the Queens Drive corner that may be lost. EB showed a drawing of the corner block; one tree will need to be cut down but over the whole development there will be more trees provided. The large tree on the Green Lanes/Queens Drive corner will be preserved as will all trees that stand along Green Lanes.


CS asked if this presentation will be reproduced on boards for residents to drop in to view. EB confirmed that the drawings will be on the website and will be produced as display boards.










































BT/New Build Team















5.0 Scheme Report  



Current project activities

RG offered apologies for indicating in previous meetings that the planning application would be submitted mid March. There have been many complex issues to deal with including high targets for quality and cost. The LBH ‘Gateway’ panel is looking in detail at the proposals for accuracy. There needs to be an unambiguous scheme agreed for contractors to tender on.


ES asked how far in the process the architects will work on the scheme. RG – to Stage 3+ and this is the level of design development that will go to tender. Issues under consideration include:

i)                the impact on the cost of the scheme of using pre cast concrete for the balconies

ii)               commercial rental values

iii)             making sure that if the market drops and values fall, the scheme can still be delivered

iv)             whether the chosen contractor or LBH market the sales homes

v)               what the implications are for future management and maintenance of the proposals on refuse,  external paving etc.


Scheme goes to the Gateway on 30/4. The aim is then to submit the scheme for planning in 1st week of May.


JG asked if KCA and HHB architects will be novated to the contractors. RG – the successful contractors will be strongly encouraged to employ the current architects but it won’t be a condition. JG expressed the view that it will be very important that they are retained to work on the scheme.





Planning application process

Once the planning application is submitted (aiming at w/c 6/5/19) the following timescales apply:

i)                    2 weeks validation process to check all documentation is complete and submitted correctly

ii)                  3 weeks after that, the statutory consultation process begins. This lasts at least 8 weeks (post meeting note – the statutory public consultation period is actually “not less than 21 days.”)

iii)                Any material issues are evaluated by planners

iv)                Consideration of this application and representations will probably take approx.  6 months in total. (Other agencies such as the GLA and TfL also get to comment)

v)                  Late October/early November 2019, officers will make a recommendation for the Planning Committee to consider. Residents will be able to speak at the committee.






Construction procurement process

A Cabinet Procurement Committee will meet on 11/6/19 to consider the process for engaging a contractor. It will take 2/3 months throughout the summer to produce a tender document. At the moment, it hasn’t been decided whether to go to tender in advance of planning permission being confirmed or not. The balance is the risk of committing to a developer before there is planning in place c/w the desire to move the process on as quickly as possible.


Tenders will probably go out to 4 or 5 contractors (anyone can bid but companies whose tenders will be taken forward will in all likelihood be restricted to those with the scale and experience to do this work). Tenders will be assessed on 70% price, 30% quality. Quality will include such items as evidence of being able to work on site with residents, approach to communication with officers, residents, councillors, how disruption and noise will be minimised etc. LBH hope that 2 or 3 residents will put themselves forward to help assess the quality criteria.


Another Cabinet Procurement Committee will need to endorse the decision on which tender to accept before final negotiations and going on site.


ES asked if M&E contractors will be novated to the main contractor as the process did not seem to have worked as well as it could have in phases 1 & 2. RG confirmed M&E consultants will be different and it will be imperative to ensure that there is an effective LB Hackney M&E Clerks of Works service to minimise defects.






To reiterate above timings:

i)                    Planning – May

ii)                  Expression of Interest for tender – Sept

iii)                Tender period Oct to December

iv)                Evaluation of tender – Dec.

v)                  Negotiations with successful bidder – Jan 2020

vi)                On site target May 2020

RG confirmed that it is intended that the refurbishment is done asap, so the expectation is that this element of the work would be complete by 2021.  New build completed by 2023.

RG confirmed that the tender is an open tender – not restricted to a framework.


6.0 Feedback from doorknocking  



CS gave feedback on the recent doorknocking exercise that Source carried out on south side homes. 134 residents were spoken to who hadn’t seen the design drawings at consultation events or in the community centre. There were 40 households that Source have been unable to speak to. The overall impression of the proposals for phases 3 & 4 are positive; concerns expressed were familiar, having come up several times before at events etc.  NB, this wasn’t a scientific exercise; these were just the issues that people raised having been asked whether they knew about the proposals. Source will continue to try to make contact with the 40 unseen households, though of these, 23 are leaseholders who may well be absentee.


BT added that, following discussions with Source, LBH will write to all southside residents in May, tailoring specific letters to the ground floor flats affected by the works on their rear gardens, the Weston Court podium flats and the flats on the corner of Datchworth that will be affected by the installation of an extra window to comply with light standards.










7.0 RSG training update  



27 people registered interest in the training sessions, 11 have attended so far. 16 need to do the introductory sessions to be able to be part of the RSG. BB emphasised that this is a condition of membership. The feedback generally has been good.


8.0 ITLA procurement timetable  



Source’s contract expires in September.  KBH need to procure a new ITLA from the framework of 5 consultancies. The new contract will be for 4.5 years. Tender period will be May – July with a decision on the successful tenderer in August. BB noted that some residents will be needed to be part of the decision-making panel.


9.0 Residents Group update  



EP gave a feedback on the new KC Residents Group. AGM on 7/3 elected a committee with officers (EP Chair). The beach party on 2nd Feb was very successful. The group is currently focusing on social events, including a regular family event on the last Saturday of each month. 26/3 the committee met to discuss continued social activities but also being able to co-ordinate other estate issues such as ASB and service charges. EP and Sarah Hulcoop, vice chair had attended the LBH chairs training. A gardening event is planned and Friends of Woodberry Down have been in touch to explore running activities at KC for older residents. There is also an aspiration to get a KC Youth Group off the ground.  News etc. is posted on the website: kingscrescent.org.


EP suggested that information on who does what in LBH would be useful; the estate walkabout revealed that several issues had to be dealt with a variety of departments within the Council and it is sometimes hard to work out where responsibilities lie.


BB noted that Unit C will hopefully have a lease in place within the next 2 months; this will be another resource for residents to hire for activities.



10.0 Kings Crescent Story update  



BT fed back. An event is planned for June to launch the KC Story with display boards and the printed booklet. There are also some old videos that have emerged that could be shown at the event.  A final draft of the booklet will come to the next RSG.





11.0 Any urgent business  



PA asked if the opening up works at Weston revealed anything. BT explained that these were to check structural and sewage arrangements under the block and have not been completed yet.





ES asked about the vent of the block on Green Lanes which was presumably installed by Sainsburys and whether it has exceeded a prescribed height. Residents have received consultation documents for retrospective planning permission. RG responded that LBH had not anticipated the scale of the installation and agreed that it was intrusive when the blocks were viewed from across the park. The Regeneration team are meeting planning and property services colleagues tomorrow to discuss this.










12.0 Dates of next meetings  



Next meetings arranged for: 16th May, in the Community Centre,

26th June in Unit C and 30th July in the Community Centre. All at 7.00.




The Meeting closed at 8.35 pm




Agenda item Lead Approx timing
1 Introductions and Apologies


Cllr Bell (Chair) 1 min
2 Welcome to new members/new group


Cllr Bell (Chair) 5 mins
3 Notes of previous meeting held 31 January 2019 and any Matters Arising not elsewhere on the agenda


Cllr Bell (Chair) 10 mins
4 Presentation on the proposed external materials for phase 3


KCA, HHb, Muf 20 mins
5 Scheme report:

i)    current project activities

ii) planning application process

iii) construction procurement process

iv) programme


Ron 20 mins
6 Feedback from doorknocking


Source 5 mins
7 RSG training update


Source 5 mins
8 ITLA procurement timetable


Bronwen, Source 5 mins
9 Residents Group update


Source, Emley 10 mins
10 Kings Crescent Story update


Bronwen 5 mins
11 Any urgent business


Cllr Bell (Chair) 10 mins
12 Dates of next meetings


Cllr Bell (Chair) 5 mins



After the meeting there will be a chance to catch up with new and old members of the RSG over a drink and some snacks.


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April 11, 2019
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
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