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Steering Group Meeting 9 July

July 9, 2019 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm


1.0 Introductions and apologies Action



Apologies were received from Natalie Crouchley


2.0 Notes of previous meeting held 16 May 2019 and any Matters Arising not elsewhere on the agenda  



From 2.2 re Sainsbury’s vent. LBH are waiting for Sainsbury’s to respond with  a noise report and to set out proposals to deal with the profile of the vent on the roof





From 4.2 re ITLA re-procurement. A decision has been made on the successful tenderer. RG is writing a recommendation to colleagues which will be made public by the end of July. [Post- meeting note from RG: thanks to Peter Akhurst for his assistance in the evaluation process].







From 5.2 re Unit C. RG reported that LBH are currently working on a 5 year lease to offer the preferred managers of the unit. A planning application is also being prepared to temporarily change the use from A1/A3 (retail) to A1/A3 and D1 (community use) for 5 years. This may need to go to the October Planning Committee, if there are objections. . EP asked how long the fit out might take. RG suggested 4-6 weeks. YV asked why this has taken so long. RG explained that LBH wanted to do something innovative, that there was a period of soft market testing, that the financial challenge of a loss of rent had to be considered and that the process of inviting bids for taking over the space also took time.






From 9.1 re the old boiler house. RG confirmed that the plan is to convert this to a 3 bed social rent flat.


3.0 Phase 3 & 4 update  





RG reported that notification letters went out to local residents mid June, with a deadline of 7/7/19 for representations, although BB pointed out that comments to the Council will continue to be accepted up to the date of the Planning Committee. RG hopes to have the application dealt with at the 2nd October Committee. He confirmed that 6 objections to the scheme have been received so far.


EP asked if the pressure on local schools is a factor in approving the development. Few residents in the first phase of the new build got their first choice school places and the second phase will only increase demand. CP reminded the meeting that, as councillors, her and colleagues do keep a close eye on school places and demand.  BB noted that some schools are under occupied due to families moving out of the area once children get to school age, so the issue may not be as severe as might be thought.


RG added that an education contribution will be included in the developer’s S106 obligations.





Construction procurement


RG reported that, in advance of the planning determination, LBH and the design team are continuing to work on detailed design issues to ensure standards are maintained and to make sure that the eventual spec. for contractors to tender on are as unambiguous as possible. This work will be completed mid September for inclusion in the Employer’s Requirements.


The procurement strategy was approved yesterday. LBH will take on the sales of the new homes themselves in order to tailor the marketing locally and to manage the risk of fluctuations in the market.


The process for the tender is as follows:

i)                 Expressions of Interest will be advertised by mid August with a month for interested developers to respond

ii)               Those responding will be shortlisted

iii)              Tender documents will be issued early October with 10 weeks for responses

iv)              There will then be a period of negotiation with the successful bidder during January 2020

v)               Final evaluation of tender will start around end Feb 2020

vi)              This will then be presented at another Procurement Committee in May 2020 (NB this is a multi million £ contract, so LBH due diligence is very thorough).

vii)            Contracts will hopefully be signed approx. June 2020

viii)           There will then be 4 to 5 months for contractor’s mobilisation

ix)              Start on site around October 2020


KH asked about how Brexit would affect this process if it happens 31/10, which will be during the period that bidders will be compiling their tenders. RG noted the uncertainty inherent in this and raised the prospect of bidders increasing proposed costs to cover potential risks; the negotiation with the successful tenderer will address some of the issues here.


ES commented on the length of time this is likely to take. RG responded by highlighting the statutory periods for consultation, the desire to give tenderers plenty of time to formulate their bid and the Council cttee cycle.


KH asked about the branding likely to be used by LBH Sales. RG confirmed that there will be no Clissold Quarter! The marketing will be honest but commercial. CP added that LBH will want to market the homes for sale as part of a wider community – not just on the KC estate.


CS asked about the involvement of residents in this process. Source would want residents to be able to participate in evaluating the quality aspects of the tender which might include site visits to other bidders’ schemes. RG confirmed this would be the case and he would want residents to pay particular attention to proposed construction management plans (i.e. how contractors will mitigate noise, dust, dirt, ensure site security etc.)


PS asked if it was known which southside block the refurbishment would start on. RG – no and we won’t know this until the successful contractor finalises their work programme.


PS asked if contractors will need access to homes. RG – yes, especially ground floor flats where balcony columns will be sited but also other homes in order to complete e.g. balcony installations.  RG added that tenderers’ proposals for Resident Liaison staff will be crucial. JW-M highlighted the importance of asking about respite facilities and that residents need time in advance to think about what other questions they want to ask.


AA asked if, as part of the tender process it is possible to ask about suppliers and sub contractors. RG replied that bidders are often not willing to commit to providing definitive answers to this sort of question but certainly CDM and health & safety will be key areas to probe.


NJ asked if, because they built phases 1 &2, Higgins are precluded from tendering. RG – no and in fact they should be able to use their experience on KC to their advantage.




Film Unit request


RG informed the meeting that LBH Film Unit had been in touch to ask if the currently vacant part of the middle of the estate could be used by visiting film crews to park vehicles, catering vans, dressing rooms etc. The hours of use would be strictly monitored: 7.00 – 23.00 on weekdays, 8.00 – 22.30 on Saturdays and 9.00 – 22.00 on Sundays. LBH could charge film companies up to £1,000 a day. 25% of this would go to the Residents Group and 25% to LBH Regen team who could for instance use the money for fitting out/adapting Unit C. It would also be good security for the site as it will be in regular use. RG committed to publicise this well to all residents and, in response to JW-M reminding the meeting that the last time this happened the promised money didn’t materialise.  RG committed to being open with the amount of funding this attracts and to the relevant proportion of it definitely being available as promised.


4.0 Phase 1 & 2 update  




BT fed back that there is still a very short list of outstanding defects to deal with. There may be another 2/3 weeks still to resolve the issue with the block front doors.


YV raised the defects period at Chipping Court which, he understood was 1 year.  BT confirmed that this is just for internal defects. The problem with the communal door at Chipping Ct is a latent defect and still needs resolving with Higgins.  KH also mentioned smoke vent problems. BT confirmed she is aware of these faults; they should be fixed very soon. YV also mentioned problems with the floor of Chipping Court; BT will talk to him after the meeting.
















BT reported that the energy centre will be handed over from Higgins to LBH very soon. The Combined Heating & Power (CHP) part will still be maintained by an external organisation.





BT raised the possibility that LBH would like Kings Crescent to be part of Open House weekend in September. KCA/HHB architects will want to organise tours around the new blocks and if any residents wish to help with this, please let Bronwen know.




BT thanked those who came and contributed to the Kings Crescent Story launch.  The hard copy booklet of the boards will be finalised soon and the display boards are on the KC website and still up at the windows on Unit C.  BT reported that some stories are still being offered and JW-M also added another story she had received from an old tenant.



5.0 Draft statement of community support for phases 3 & 4  



There was discussion about how best to incorporate a reference to the objections raised by residents at consultation events and the wording KH proposed. After contributions particularly from PD and HC, it was agreed that the following sentence be added to para 5 in the statement: “While there are some remaining objections to specific design features, on balance the majority of residents on the Steering Group endorse the overall design.”  A vote was taken on adopting this wording: 12 were in favour, 2 were against using it in the statement.  It was further agreed that the statement should be signed by a representative sample of residents from the RSG and PS, JW-M, EP and KH all offered to put their names to the statement.


6.0 RSG training update and feedback  



CS reported that most of the RSG had been to at least one training session. Source will now organise a semi-formal evening where the Design & Access Statement will be available for members to look at. Possible date for this 5th August.


Training will still be held for contractor procurement – tba.


The July coffee afternoon will be replaced by a summer social on 25th July, 5.00 to 8.00.


BB asked that those on the RSG list who have not yet been to a meeting be contacted to ask if they do still wish to be members.















7.0 Residents Group update  



EP gave an update:

i)          Sainsbury’s are now donating refreshments for the monthly family events

ii)         There are plans to establish a Youth Group with the help of Jill’s daughter who is a Youth Worker. This may be put back to September or even later depending on progress with the Unit C lease

iii)       The Residents Group had an open meeting on 6th June at which it was agreed that they will propose becoming a TRA at the September meeting. If agreed, there will be an AGM soon after to elect a committee.

iv)       13th July there will be a gardener’s tea to follow up the informal gardening event in May.

v)         A trip to Walton on the Naze is planned for 21st July.

vi)       The Friends of Woodberry Down hold events every Tuesday and Friday afternoons in the community centre. These are attended mostly by residents from the Manor House area, so if anyone knows of any KC residents over 50 who might like to attend, they could be encouraged to come along.

vii)      EP went to a CCTV control centre open day which was very educational. She highlighted the ongoing concerns with KC cameras and the control centre staff asked for details of the hotspots. RG reported that he had also met with the CCTV staff with Housing Management to see how cameras can be re-sited to avoid being damaged or sprayed over.


8.0 Any urgent business  



CP reported that Alice Whalley, vicar from one of the local churches had spoken to her about forming a local Scout Group. This could be something the Residents Group might wish to consider.


9.0 Dates of next meetings  



Next meeting will be:

Tuesday 3rd September

Wednesday 9th October

Wednesday 13th November

Wednesday 18th December


All 7.00, venues to be confirmed depending on other activities in the community centre.




The Meeting closed at 8.34 pm



This is a closed meeting for those who have applied to be part of the newly formed steering group.

Source Partnership, in their capacity as Independent Advisors for residents of Kings Crescent have been running some induction training for new and existing steering group members. If you haven’t been able to attend the training they have run so far but would like to join the steering group please contact john@sourcepartnership.com or carol@sourcepartnership.com

The training is mandatory so Source are running a catch-up session on 20th June for those who have missed any of the training so far. 6.30-8.30pm in the community centre.

If you are not part of the steering group you can always express any views directly to Carol and John or discuss with the KC residents committee who can feedback into the steering group.

Meeting to be held on

Tuesday 9th July 2019 starting at 7.00pm in the Vince Murrain Community Centre





Agenda item Lead
1 Introductions and Apologies


Cllr Bell (Chair)
2 Notes of previous meeting held 16 May 2019 and any matters arising not elsewhere on the agenda


Cllr Bell (Chair)
3 Phase 3 & 4 update, including planning


Ron (LBH)
4 Phase 1 & 2 update


Bronwen (LBH)
5 Draft statement of community support for phases 3 & 4


Carol (Source)
6 RSG training update and feedback


Carol (Source)
7 Residents Group update


Emley (Residents  Group Chair)
8 Any urgent business


Cllr Bell (Chair)
9 Dates of next meeting


Cllr Bell (Chair)
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July 9, 2019
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
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Vince Murrrain Community Centre
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