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Residents group meeting & AGM

March 7, 2019 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Minutes from this meeting & AGM

1.0 Introductions and apologies
  Apologies were received from Sarah Hulcoop
2.0 Update on current and recent activities
2.1 Simon fed back that the fitness classes have been successful after a tricky start when the instructor had to cancel at very short notice. But now there are approx. 10 regular attendees.


2.2 The visit by residents of De Beauvoir estate went well and they appreciated the time taken by the KC residents who came down to the community centre to talk to them.
3.0 Feedback on beach party event
3.1 Emley commented on the sense of momentum the event has generated. Generally, everyone felt it was really successful. Lots of families attended the first party. During the family and adult events there were boards for people to make suggestions/comments. The feedback received included:

Community ideas/comments:

·         Games night

·         Afternoon clubs for different age groups

·         Exercise classes for the more mature

·         Gentle exercise for over 50s

·         Weekly or monthly playing out

·         More activities for children and teenagers

·         Babysitting circle

·         Very nice and friendly environment (add more activity for the kids, more adult activity)

Social events:

·         Saturday movie

·         Team walking

·         BBQ

·         Book club

·         Street Party

·         Bring/Take Exchange

·         Amir to do history talk

·         Easter Egg hunt

Plus a lovely comment saying “Guys, thanks for organising today, bringing the community together”

4.0 Funding and establishment of the residents group
4.1 Simon confirmed that by remaining a Residents Group (and not a TRA), the group would get more of his time to organise funding, meetings and events. They would also not need to set up a bank account for self-administered funding. However, TRAs do get some additional funds to pay for minute-taking, stationery etc.

Simon said the rough total for the year was about £2000, plus £500 community chest.  There is also £500 available for the annual Big Lunch for constituted TRAs.


Simon to check how much is left in the pot for this financial year and to circulate this asap so the group can decide how to spend it. It won’t be lost as long as it is committed this year.

Usually have to plan what to spend the money on by September, but some flexibility

The money can be spent on anything that engages the community such as new skills, events.

Agreed to check over the ‘terms of reference for KCRG’ form and can sign at next meeting as it was only emailed to the group just prior to the meeting

4.2 The name of the group was agreed as the Kings Crescent Residents Group
4.3 Committee elections


i)                    Emley was elected as Chair, nominated by Maire and seconded by Patricia

ii)                  Sarah Hulcoop was elected as Vice Chair, having expressed her willingness to be considered before the meeting. Nominated by Emley, seconded by Andrew

iii)                Alice was elected as Secretary, nominated by Emley, seconded by Sarah C.

iv)                The others present all put themselves forward as the rest of the committee: Sarah C., Roy, Thomas, Andrew, Patricia, Maire and Emilie, except David who will provide technical support!


5.0 Priorities for 2019
5.1 Andrew raised the idea that him and Emma C had last year of organising a project to decorate the hoardings alongside Murrain Rd. Committee can discuss this further with them and see what support is needed for this to happen
5.2 Alice raised the idea of a communal gardening/ growing event for people like her who have fairly recently developed an interest. Clare’s estate had help from Groundwork to develop their community garden. Simon mentioned De Beauvoir TRA who have a garden project – he works with them as Residents Engagement Officer so could get them to pass on experiences/knowledge. Sarah said she would be willing to help organise a planting day and could source seeds. May 11th was put forward as a possible day. Would it be possible to use a plot in the current garden area at the back of the community centre? John to investigate.

Thomas thought it would be good if we could somehow combine growing with cooking & eating – developing something similar to the Woodberry Down community kitchen.


5.3 Roy expressed interest in setting up a cycle club that could run supervised rides locally, perhaps with some bike servicing as well. Combine with Wheely Tots? To do this once weather is a bit nicer.


5.5 Health/fitness classes for older people. This could be done by public health. Simon said we need at least 10 residents interested before this could go ahead. But residents stated this is difficult to achieve until you have something in place. Suggested the option of a 3 week trial. Tai chi in the mornings suggested as an option. Also to check what already on offer in Clissold Park. Emley to follow up with Simon on this.
5.6 Bring/take event. Emilie liked this idea and would be happy to help organise
5.7 John said Source Partnership would be happy to help with design and distribution of leaflets to promote events.
5.8 The council is in the process of electing a manager for the new community hall to be in the vacant lot near Sainsburys. This should be in place by the summer
6.0 Town Hall visit
6.1 Clare offered another date after postponing the visit that was due to take place last weekend. After discussion this was agreed as 27th April at 11.00 am.
7.0 Security concerns
7.1 Suggested that the committee should be helping to support the residents that have been expressing concerns regarding security on King Crescent. CCTV has not been working in some buildings despite reports in steering group that all are fully functional. Several of the doors in the new builds do not close properly and they have been having issues with non-residents coming in. Simon was asked to provide clearer guidelines on the processes for how residents can report concerns and how to escalate if nothing is happening.

If anti-social behaviour is occurring it is important to report it so that the council and police have a log of what is going on. Suggestions include:

·         Call 101

·         Email police or council

·         Can log ASB on Met Police website

·         Tweet and tag council/counsellor/mayor

Emley to add information to kingscrescent.org website about this


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March 7, 2019
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
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Vince Murrrain Community Centre
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