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January Steering Group meeting

January 31, 2019 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

The steering group is a meeting specifically focused on the designs for the upcoming new build and block regeneration of the existing blocks on the East side of Kings Crescent

**Date was changed from 30th to 31st Jan** 

Notes of Kings Crescent Steering Group Meeting held on 31st January 2019 in the Community Centre


Those Present: Cllr Brian Bell (BB) (Chair)


Cllr Clare Potter (CP)


9 residents from:

Theobalds Court

Theobalds Court

Weston Court

Datchworth Court

Bramfield Court

Weston Court

Redbourn Court

Theobalds Court

Theobalds Court

In Attendance: Ron Greenwood (RG)

Bronwen Thomas (BT)

Carol Squires  (CS)

John Morris (JM)

Natalie Adubofour

LB Hackney

LB Hackney

Source Partnership (ITLA)

Source Partnership (ITLA)

Source Partnership (ITLA)


1.0 Introductions and apologies Action
  Apologies were received from: Gouri Ghosh, Maire McFerran


2.0 Notes of previous meeting and matters arising  
2.1 Minutes were agreed as correct.


2.2 Matters arising:

i)  CCTV – update on cameras to be on the agenda for the next KCP meeting

ii)  Problems with Sainsbury’s employees parking on Murrain Rd seems to have      been resolved

iii)  Completion of play street signage in progress






3.0 Update on phase 1 issues  
3.1 BT reported that making good of defects is coming to a close.  Higgins will get paid their retention when these are completed. There is still a year’s guarantee period on the energy centre and planting – ends December 2019.


The LBH New Build team will hand over management responsibility to LBH core estate management team later this year. AM asked if tenants should still communicate with the New Build team for now; BT – yes, until notified of change.









4.0 Update on phase 3&4  
4.1 Unit C

RG gave an update on progress with work to find an organisation to manage Unit C while it is a community facility. LBH with JM from Source interviewed a fourth, late bidder on 29/1. There are now three robust proposals to consider (one organisation pulled out) and on 11/2 there is a moderation meeting to decide which bid to recommend to LBH Exec.

EP asked about timescales for having the facility up and running. RG informed the meeting that it will take a few weeks to get the recommendation paper onto the agenda for the Divisional Leadership Team meeting; probably in March. Commercial team will then needs to draw up a lease, negotiate with the successful bidder. Aim is to have the centre up and running by the summer.


4.2 Development of phase 3&4 update

i)        Architects have competed Stage 3 – detailed layouts of flats, public realm, materials. This is linked to LBH decisions on long term management and maintenance issues for best value.

ii)      Cost consultants and valuers have calculated cost of works and value of the properties. A feasibility appraisal is being established to confirm viability for Directors.

iii)    A GLA grant is available to increase the number of social rent homes so LBH is currently working on how many can be provided (instead of shared ownership/leasehold sale homes) and where they can be best located.


A formal executive decision will be made at a ‘Gateway’ meeting to proceed with the planning application in mid to late March.


Old boiler house

There have been discussions about whether the old boiler house on the corner of Bramfield/Theobalds could be converted to a flat or an additional community facility. Preferred option is residential; it could become a 3 bed flat.


RG also reported on pre-application meetings with Planners and the Planning Sub Committee. Issues raised included the day/sunlight reports and the design rationale (planners were very positive about the design). The Planning Sub Committee focused on the amount of social rent, the central square (they want it to be a genuinely usable play space) and ensuring the lettability of the commercial units under Weston Court.


Procurement of a construction company will be a major piece of work coming up later this year.


PS asked if the southside blocks will be the first to be done. RG confirmed LBH determination to get the refurbishment work done first.


PS also asked about the sequence of the work. RG replied that a key consideration during the tender process will be to test contractors’ approaches. It will be important that residents get to interrogate bidders.


AM asked if the boiler house conversion is to be residential, will it be for sale or social rent? RG explained that factors such as marketability and viability will be key considerations. It will be expensive to carry out the conversion, so this would suggest shared ownership but 3 bedroom flats are needed for social rent. CP added that there is a strong commitment to provide social housing. AM felt that it will be important that KC residents get a say in this as a community space is at stake.


AM asked for further details on the GLA funding. RG informed the meeting that £45 million has been made available by the GLA across LBH to convert new homes for sale into social rent. LBH need to work out how this is distributed across the 18 estates in the programme. RG confirmed that this funding is for direct swaps of housing for leasehold sale to housing for social rent.


CS raised the issue of consultation over materials. Source have received several queries about how residents will be consulted on details such as balcony design and finishes. RG stated that the design team want to hold a materials consultation session.  CS asked about timescales for this. RG – hopefully, March before planning submission.


TD asked when balconies will be done. RG – hope to start in 2020, with approx. 18 months to complete.


5.0 Resident training  
5.1 CS reported that Source’s contract has been extended to include the planning period. In this time, Source are offering a training programme – some group training in order to promote team building and also to prepare those interested for contractor selection interviews in the Autumn.   The first session has been timetabled for 27th Feb, hopefully with a mix of old and new residents. There was general assent to the date.


6.0 Reconstitution of the RSG  
6.1 BB informed the meeting that from 1st April, LBH wish to relaunch the RSG to better reflect the mix of tenures and new and old blocks across the estate, so that the wider interests of King’s Crescent residents can be represented. There will be compulsory sessions in Source’s training programme for those interested in joining or re-joining. Everyone will have to reapply. All residents will receive a letter later this month with a view to inviting interest by March. CS added that another reason for formalising the RSG a bit more is to ensure consistency of attendance.


7.0 Supported Residents Group  
7.1 EP reported on the preparations for the party this Saturday (2nd Feb). A small working group has been organising it. Simon Ware is keen to get the group properly constituted as a revived TRA asap.


RW expressed his dissatisfaction with some of the processes. BB felt that is important that a group that can run itself is important, rather than having to rely on LBH officers to direct it.


EP had asked Simon if he thought is was feasible to get a group with a committee running in March and he seemed to think this is possible. Next meeting is 7th March which will be the AGM, with committee elections.




8.0 Any urgent business  
8.1 CP invited the RSG to the Town Hall for a tour of the building with tea. To be on 9th March, 11.00 to 12.30. Source will do a flyer to promote. Children can come as well if needed.




8.2 BT has been asked by her colleagues in the Regen Team if a group of residents from De Beauvoir estate can visit Kings Crescent. The current possible date is 2nd March.


9.0 Date of next meeting  
9.1 Next meeting 12/3/19  


The Meeting closed at 7.40 pm



Kings Crescent Steering Group Meeting

Thursday 31 January 2019 starting at 7.00pm in the Vince Murrain Community Centre

  1. Introductions and Apologies
  1. Notes of previous meeting held 17 December 2018 and any Matters Arising not elsewhere on the agenda
  1. Update on outstanding issues from phase 1
  1. Phases 3 & 4 update
  1. Resident training
  1. Supported Residents Group
  1. Proposed reconstitution of the RSG
  1. Any urgent business
  1. Date of next meeting – 12th March 2019







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January 31, 2019
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
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