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Christmas social and TRA meeting

December 10, 2019 @ 5:30 pm - 9:30 pm


Minutes of the (E)TRA meeting:

The meeting was attended by 12 residents and the following representatives:

Annette Reid (AR) – LB Hackney Housing Officer KC

John Morris (JM) – Source Partnership (ITLA)

Sam Curtis Lindsay (SCL) – Hackney Showroom

Clare Potter – Councillor Brownswood ward

Bernard Thomas – LB Hackney Environment Management

Billy Dunne – LB Hackney Environment Management

Bianca Rembrandt – LB Hackney Community Safety & Enforcement

Charlotte Moriba – LB Hackney Resident Participation Team

Deborah Noel (DS) – LB Hackney ASB Team


  Agenda Item Lead Action
1 Welcome and Introductions Emley  
2 Estate Issues & Questions    
  Senior representatives from various Hackney departments available to discuss issues/questions regarding Kings Crescent:

·        Housing Officer for Kings Crescent (Annette Reid):

Annette received written answers from the New Build to the TRAs questions as they could not attend. The answers provided were not satisfactory, Annette is suggesting that those issues are raised at the steering group.

Claire Potter also volunteers to deal with some of these issues.

Emley explains that as a resident it’s difficult to get resolution and answers from Hackney as everybody says those particular issues are not dealt with by their department.

Annette suggests to also email neighbourhood@hackney.gov.uk where she can channel the issues to the right person. Alternatively the info@hackney.gov.uk is also an email address where any questions can be raised and the email will be passed on to the right department.

Deborah suggest we (TRA) make an action plan where we keep track of the pending actions from Hackney and the dates issues were raised. This way there is track of how long issues take to get resolved and it easier for Hackney representatives to grasp the urgency of some of these pending actions.

Annette holds weekly (ish) meetings in the Vince Murrain Centre most Thursdays between 2-4pm.

The police will serve a 24hour notice to the travellers tonight and will be evicted within 2 weeks. At no point should residents approach these people, they are not friendly travellers (some are but not them). There is a travellers’ officer who is happy to be contacted by any resident:  02083565154 angie.emmerson@hackney.gov.uk

·        New Build Team: could not make it.

·        Anti-social behaviour team (Bianca and Deborah)

·        Deborah confirms that if a resident raises an issue, the responding officer should update that resident regularly. Residents are raising the fact that Hackney doesn’t come back to people and that CCTV doesn’t work on the estate. Deborah also explains that crimes have to be dealt with by the police unless the criminal is a resident of the estate, ASB team cannot do anything otherwise.

Bianca explains that if a resident is not happy with Hackney’s service, they can raise the issue with a community trigger (against one person over several actions or against many people over one action).

Bianca has been patrolling the estate and she got suspicious people’s details who she has managed to link to people known from Hackney. Things are being done.

Alice raises the issue of the CCTV and the fact that we can’t get a straight answer as whether or not is works. Deborah suggests residents ask for a job number when calling to raise this type of issue.

Annette took 14 actions regarding CCTV at the last meeting here are the update on these. In the new builds the cameras are working. On the old side: There are 5 cameras working at ?? Court. There were 15 cameras not working across the estate, they have been removed. There is a capital camera replacement project for 2019-2020, some of the cameras removed will be replaced during this project.

·        Waste Operations

Billy: the algae solution was to buff the top and clean, now it needs to be sprayed regularly to keep on top of it but it shouldn’t come back.

Jill is asking how often the old blocks are being cleaned. Billy says every day, Jill confirms this has not been the case recently. There is a problem of urine in the lift.

Pigeons: Charmaine has only got 97 responses out of over 500, of them 27 said they were affected by the pigeons. In March there will be a pilot project costing £70,000; a special gel will be used which looks like fire and scares pigeons. It should be around £130 per property.

Annette Reid & colleagues Billy, Annette to send a list of contact at Hackney


Emley to email Claire Potter the list of issues regarding the new builds and discuss at Steering Group.


NewBuild to send update on CCTV and security


DS to send the Community Trigger information


Annette will invite the New Build Team to the next TRA meeting

Annette will find out if the pigeon gel is a one payment for a few years or if this is a yearly cost


TRA to create an action plan

3 Unit C Update    
  ·        Introduction to Hackney Showroom

Hackney Showroom are the new tenant of Unit C.

Sam explains that Hackney Showroom has been around Hackney for a long time and they produce shows and organise event for Hackney community (activities for kids, adult learning etc.).


·        Update on progress so far and funding opportunities

HS and the TRA have a plan of sharing the space but are trying to find funding for creating a division to create two places. Hackney Showroom wants to have a clear plan of the future before signing up for a 5year lease with Hackney.

Emley and HS have put a few applications for funding for joint events and activities.

Emley/Sam Emley to update the TRA on tomorrow’s meeting on Unit C funding for the division/sharing
4 TRA Update    
  Events & Family fun mornings going well. Emley  
  Bank account & finances

One person yet to provide details to open the bank account and then 5 working days to do so should be open in January 2020.

Alice gives an explanation of the Finance Policy she wrote. Emley suggests that section 3 is different for the funding coming from Hackney. She proposes this is excluded from the level one as the £3000 could disappear fast if many people request £500 each.

SH propose that the policy is approved, including the proposed changes. Jill seconds. Alice will update the policy and send around for final approval of the wording.

Alice Alice to update the policy with suggestion regarding the funding coming from Hackney
  Planning permission granted for phase 3&4

Balconies to existing block should be first when the work starts but this could take some time (many months).

Jill is happy to take questions if residents have some for the next steering group.

Sarah H  
  Vision for Kings Crescent Community

To discuss more at next meeting/events

5 Upcoming Community Events:    
  February party

HS offered to organise an event if there is budget for it, with artists! The TRA wants an early event for families and an adult only event in the evening.

There should be a good amount of money left.

Further conversations to be had by committee regarding details of the event.

  Alice and Emley to confirm how much money is left from the Hackney’s funding (£3500)
  Any other ideas?    
6 Any other business?

Jill mentioned Hackney CVS. If the TRA was a member it would be entitled to free training and events where it is possible to meet with funders.

Jill mentions that she has not got any news or minutes from the meetings with other TRAs (Panel group, resident participation?).

  Jill to email this panel group to confirm she wants to be updated on future meetings and receiving minutes (in Jan)
7 Dates of next meetings TBC (March, June, September & December)

Next meeting: 10th March 2020.

8 Social time

(Festive refreshments provided)


Previous information prior to the event:

We will be combining the next official resident’s meeting with a social event to celebrate the festive season!


  • Social time 5.30-7pm including:
    • children’s craft activities
    • mulled wine/juice, mince pies and other refreshments
    • All welcome!!!
  • TRA meeting: 7:15-8:45pm
  • Social time 8:45pm-9:30pm

All residents of Kings Crescent are welcome!

Agenda for TRA meeting:

  Agenda Item Suggested


1 Welcome and Introductions 5 mins Emley
2 Estate Issues & Questions 45 mins
  Senior representatives from various Hackney departments available to discuss issues/questions regarding Kings Crescent:

·        Housing Officer for Kings Crescent (Annette Reid)

·        New Build Team

·        Anti-social behaviour team

·        Waste Operations

Annette Reid & colleagues
3 Unit C Update 15 mins
  ·        Introduction to Hackney Showroom

·        Update on progress so far and funding opportunities



4 TRA Update 15 mins
  Events & Family fun mornings Emley
  Bank account & finances Alice
  Planning permission granted phase 3&4 Sarah H
  Vision for Kings Crescent Community Emley
5 Upcoming Community Events: 5 mins
  February party
  Any other ideas?
6 Any other business? 5-10 mins
7 Dates of next meetings TBC (March, June, September & December)
8 Social time

(Festive refreshments provided)

Remaining time

If you have anything you would like to be on the agenda please let us know: kcresidentsgroup@outlook.com This can be something you would like to talk about yourself or if you have questions you would like answered by the TRA committee or Hackney. Thanks!



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December 10, 2019
5:30 pm - 9:30 pm
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Unit C (vacant unit by Wallington)
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